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2020 Natural Hair Treatments

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2020 Natural Hair Treatments

Today, natural beauty treatments are becoming increasingly popular, effectively replacing thousands of commercial beauty products whose composition is not well known. You remember the home remedies of the grandmothers who were good for everything and prepared with what they found in their closets? Well, today they’re back in fashion, because if they were effective before, they’ll be effective now.

Natural cosmetics are a reality and more and more women are daring to create their own home products from the recipes they find in books and websites.

For all of them, below we will give you a LIST OF SIX NATURAL HAIR TREATMENTS with which your hair will look as soft and pretty as before.

You want to take care of your hair health naturally? Read on!



You knew that apple cider vinegar is an inflatable resource for sealing hair cuticles? And not only does it do that, it will also help us to restore its brightness and softness in just a few days.

To do this, we will only have to dilute one part of vinegar in six of water in a bottle and apply as a conditioner all over the hair; we wait a few seconds and rinse with plenty of water.

After rinsing it well with water, the strong smell of vinegar will disappear and our hair will again be radiant and full of vitality.


May seem like an inappropriate choice for your hair, but the truth is that beer is perfect for strengthening your scalp. This is because beer is a drink very rich in all the vitamins of group B, which are responsible for keeping our hair strong and revitalizing.

To apply it correctly, what we will have to do is mix half a cup of beer with a beaten egg ( the fatty acids of the egg favor the hydration) and two teaspoons of apple vinegar. In this way, we will obtain a very complete natural hair mask that will bring strength, shine and softness to our hair.

To use it, just put the mask all over your hair and let it act for 30 minutes; then rinse with plenty of cold water.


Your hair is very dry and damaged? Notes that has lost all its brightness and vitality? Maybe what you need is a good dose of coconut oil.

Coconut oil has become a very popular food in the last decade, it has its multiple health benefits have turned it into the superfood that all families want in their closets. All these properties are also valid for the hair, helping it to feel more hydrated and making it recover all its shine.

To do this, we will only have to apply a little oil to the ends of the wet hair, let it act for a couple of minutes and rinse with plenty of water.


The nutritional properties of natural Greek yogurt are known all over the world, so we couldn’t forget to mention in our list of natural remedies, the natural Greek yogurt hair mask with honey.

While yogurt helps strengthen your hair and prevent it from breaking, honey will give you deep hydration and provide you with all kinds of vitamins needed to make it look nice and healthy again.


If you have very oily hair and need a natural hair treatment to treat it, your best option is the monthly thick salt mask. To prepare it we will only have to mix two tablespoons of coarse salt from cooking with some of our shampoo until we create a pasta.

Once we have it done, we will apply it well throughout the hair and rub it doing circular motions for about a minute; then we will rinse with plenty of water.

This mask is a perfect substitute for exfoliating hair products that promise to finish with the fat of your hair. However, since it is so powerful, it is not recommended to exceed its use and it will be enough to use it monthly to notice its effects.


How you hear it, aspirin not only soothes headaches; it’s also perfect for solving hair dandruff problems.

The secret of this remedy is found in the salicylic acid that makes up the aspirin, which is already included in several anti-copper shampoos for commercial sale. Salicylic acid is a powerful antibacterial acid, which will help us fight the enamel and dandruff until it disappears.

To prepare the mask, we will only have to mix two crushed aspirins and a tablespoon of hair shampoo. Then, we will apply the mixture evenly throughout the hair and let it act; we will rinse with warm water and then use some moisturizing conditioner.

As you can see, NATURE IS FULL OF WEALTH AND RESOURCES THAT WILL HELP US IMPROVE OUR QUALITY OF LIFE IN EVERY WAY. Do not hesitate to try any of these hair remedies to start seeing your hair more beautiful!


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