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Tips to Dye Blonde Hair Brown Yourself

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Tips to Dye Blonde Hair Brown Yourself

It’s been more than a decade since dying one’s hair became popular so why not  make some use of tips to dye hair. More people are dying their hair in different colours than ever before. This includes people of all ages from youngsters, middle-aged to even the oldies. Everyone has been changing their hair colour; either to a darker hue or something feisty like unicorn shades or pastel. Dying one’s hair to a different colour is something more people can now relate to. In fact, there are those who dye their hair multiple times to change into many different colours as per their preference.


Various hair colours are popular like red, green, blonde, brown, etc. People have different reasons to dye their hair; from covering up their greys, changing their overall look to keeping up with the trend. There is more to changing hair colour than you might have thought. This isn’t something one should attempt without sufficient knowledge. It is best to research this topic before attempting it. If you have blonde hair and wish to change your look to a beautiful brown shade – this article is for you. It is a must-read for people with blonde hair in Australia; planning to change their hair to brown colour.



Essential tips to dye hair from blonde to brown


Changing the colour of hair from blonde and brown is harder than you can imagine. It is not as simple as applying the brown hair dye and waiting for the colour to change. Since there is already a blonde colour, the light shade will cause the hair to turn into some other colour. Here several tips on how to dye your hair brown in the case where they are already blonde:


  • While there may be those who are naturally blonde, there may be those who have dyed their hair blonde and have a yellow base tone beneath.


  • The consequence of ignoring the existing light tone can result in a golden blonde or ash blonde colour.


  • Account for the base tone of your hair before dying it.


  • The ideal base when attempting to colour your hair to a dark colour is either orange or red. Those who have dyed their hair blonde would ideally have a yellow base.


  • The brown colour hair dye does not consist of a high concentration of warm tones since this would result in the hair becoming overly red. This is the reason that if the brown dye or any other dark-coloured hair dye is applied over a light tone or blonde hair it will result in showing the primary tone in high intensity.


  • Ash-brown hair dye will consist of a high percentage of blue and green pigments to ensure there is not an excessive red tone in the hair. It is ideal for those planning to dye their hair brown.


  • It is not advisable to use ash-brown hair dye in cases where there is no existing red or orange tone since it will cause your hair colour to change to dark grey or a murky shade of green.


  • Filling the blonde hair before dying and using neutral or warmer shades of brown dye will ensure your hair does not change into some unexpected colour like green or grey.


  • Filling hair is essentially replacing the base tone with the new shade depending on the colour you intended to change it to.


  • There is the option of using coloured protein fillers; this is a good option for those with porous hair. Protein will help normalise the porosity in the hair and allow the colour to spread evenly.


  • A coloured protein filler is the quicker and easier alternative and is ideal for those with naturally blonde hair.


There are various blonde hair products one can use when dying hair from blonde to brown goes smoothly. Some of these products include EVO Fabuloso cool brown colour boosting treatment, EVO Fabolous Caramel colour intensifying conditioner, blonde angel, EVO Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Toning Shampoo. There are several online stores that stock such products, however, it is best not to use them daily since they can strip the essential oils from your scalp. Those with blonde hair should use it less frequently.


There is some truth to the popular saying “Blondes have more fun”. However, it is not uncommon for many to frequently change their hair colour for fun or some other reason. The Internet is a vast resource of useful information about hair products and techniques to use for this purpose. An eCommerce store is the best place to shop for products. The reason being it allows them to perform their research in-depth as well as buy the products from the convenience of their living room or bedroom. It is also possible to purchase that at any time of the day. Besides this, buying online is also safe with the option of using flexible payment methods.



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