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Nicole Hudson specializes in take home hair-care to help you manage and maintain healthy hair in between salon visits. Olaplex and Bhave are two favourites now available in our Cronulla hair and beauty salon

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Red Carpet Customer Service
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Red Carpet Customer Service

Located in the buzzing suburb of Cronulla, Nicole Hudson provides a range of styling options for a red carpet ready look. Nicole Hudson offers a full suite of services that are affordable, seamless and able to be tailored to meet your individual requirements.

Nicole Hudson specialises in hair colouring, colour correction, balayage and style cutting, using a range of high-quality, organic hair products from specialist colour brands  and treatments including Olaplex to ensure that you get the perfect colour and style every time.

Our one on one consultancy assures advice and guidance when it comes to finding an individual style that is unique to you.  If you are contemplating a change, colourist Nicole Hudson is passionate about providing new ideas and working with you to help you create a new and innovative style that is both on trend and easy to manage. Olaplex is the perfect natural product  to pair with the ethos of our business and the colour specialist services we offer. Being an Olaplex specialist enables us to offer a superior quality of colourist services that strengthens hair, improves its overall health, and provides a superior colour result.

Experience the new yoghurt based organic colour range that is ammonia and PPD free and stocked exclusively by Nicole Hudson Cronulla.

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Nicole Hudson Professional Hair Colorist

A hair color defines your look – so we should think carefully about which trend suits us. Which hair and skin type you are, as well as the structure of the hair, plays a role in the hair color selection. It is best before making your decision to seek a professional consultation with Nicole Hudson or another professional hair colorist.

Hair coloring or tinting? 

Let’s start with the question: What is the difference between coloring and tones? Which method we ultimately choose depends on the desired target hair color. Mostly a distinction is made between tinting, intensive tinting, and permanent coloring. If you want to be blonde as a brunette, you need a bleaching or permanent hair color, as the hair can not be lightened with a tint.


A tint (durability level 1) is recommended to refresh the hair color and give more shine. The color does not penetrate the hair structure but lies outside on the hair. Therefore, tinting as coloring is the gentlest hair-dyeing technique. However, the hair can not change or brighten great – gray hair also does not cover a tint. Advantage: There is no annoying approach because the tint washes out after about 8-10 washes.

Intensive Tint 

In contrast to normal tinting, an intensive tint (shelf life level 2) contains chemical ingredients and the cuticle layer opens slightly during use. This makes them more durable and holds about 28 washes. As with the normal tint, no approach arises, as the color gradually washes out. In intensive tinting, the hair is artificially pigmented, so the hair can even be brightened by a shade. Caution: It is important to tell the barber before the new tinting or coloration, how long the last tint is because the deposited color pigments can lead to nasty surprises.


The permanent hair color – also called coloration (durability level 3) – is suitable for extreme color changes or to cover white or gray hair. The color penetrates deep into the hair, can not be washed out as with tints, but remains permanent. Disadvantage: The permanent color creates an approach. The color pigments are mixed with an oxidizing agent. The stronger the remedy, the more the hair is damaged. It is therefore important to use hair care products for dyed hair.

Anyone who already has dyed hair can not be dyed brighter by adding another color. This is only possible using bleaching, in which the hair – in contrast to the coloring – color pigments are removed. Although the bleaching may cause the hair to bleach up to eight shades, the chemical process is very damaging to the hair.

Important: Think carefully if you want to dye your hair because colored hair is difficult to over-color with another color.

Tips To Dye Hair Yourself

In advance: Whoever feels insecure or inexperienced, should leave the coloring to an experienced hairdresser like Nicole Hudson. She specializes in dyeing the right hair color and guarantees a consistent result.  You will rarely achieve the perfect results like those from Nicole Hudson’s salon with self dying but if you would like to give it a go here are some –

tips and tricks for self hair coloring. 

Before starting, make sure to choose the source and destination hair color. On the packaging of the hair colors always different nuances are displayed, it should be based on. Nicole recommends not coloring more than two shades lighter or darker than the original color. With a total type change, the walk to the barber can not be avoided. Well-groomed and healthy hair is mandatory before coloring! With splissigem/brittle hair it is necessary to trim the hair first to ensure no split ends are there.

Read The Instructions: 

Wash hair to remove any residue from styling products. Read the instructions for use in the packaging of the coloring agent carefully. Prepare utensils and put an old towel on your shoulders to protect your clothes.So that there are no unsightly stains after dyeing, spread a very fatty cream or vaseline along the hairline and on the ears. Put on plastic gloves and mix and apply the hair color according to the instructions. In most cases, the color must act for 20 to 30 minutes. Be sure to follow the instructions of the manufacturer and best set an alarm clock. Rinse the hair with lukewarm water until it is no longer colored. Finally, use the hair conditioner or conditioner provided. As a result, the cuticle layer is closed again and it makes the freshly dyed hair shine beautifully.

Maintain colored hair 

The fact is many people who try to self color often damages the hair structure. Due to the aggressive chemicals used in most over the counter dyes – especially bleaches – break off the tips faster. To prevent this, the right hair care is particularly important. The most well-known immediate care systems are Olaplex used by Nicole Hudson and “Smartbond” by L’Oréal Professionnel. Both products are a 3-phase system, which cares for the hair already during the coloration and protects against damage. Smartbond and Olaplex were developed especially for hairdressers. The first two phases are called in the salon and the third phase home. The 3-phase systems are coordinated and achieve the best possible results only by using all three steps. So that the color lasts for a long time and shines brilliantly using special color protection care products and regularly applying an intensive treatment.

Nicole Hudson has also produced her own bespoke brand of coloring which is a  yoghurt based organic colour range that is ammonia and PPD free and stocked exclusively at her salon in Cronulla.  These products are available in Nicole Hudson online store.

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Nicole Hudson Hair Coloring Style

Which hair color suits me?

modern professional hair dressers

Now and then it has to be a new look! But before it goes to dyeing, the big question is: Which hair color suits me and which type am I? Which hair color is available depends strongly on the color type. There are four different color types: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. The difference is mainly depending on whether the skin has a rather warm or cool undertone. If the face is slightly bluish, it has a cool tone (summer and winter). If the skin shimmers rather yellowish, it is a warm complexion (spring and autumn).

How to find out what type you are: Take turns holding a silver and a gold cloth on your face – it is important that you look at yourself in the mirror in daylight. If the silver cloth makes you look fresh and healthy, you should choose the color type of summer or winter. When the golden cloth makes you shine, you are either a spring or autumn type.

Spring Type 

For the light, golden complexion, it is best to choose a warm hair color, such as golden blond, copper, strawberry blond or a warm light to medium brown. Avoid ashes or dark hair colors as much as possible.

Summer Type 

The summer type has a bluish skin undertone and a delicate, rosy complexion. The hair colors ash blond or brown, but also platinum blonde or red hair colors with a bluish undertone match this type. Warm, golden colors are rather discouraged.

Autumn Type

Women with brown eyes and a bronze-colored complexion belong to the color type autumn. These match warm browns or blondes. For highlights rather put on golden blond or coppery highlights. Ashen tones are less of an advantage in the fall type.

Winter Type

The so-called Snow White type has very light skin with a bluish undertone and dark hair. Therefore, the winter type dark, ashy tones. Golden nuances or highlights would make the light complexion look dull.

Hair Colors Trends

Balayage: Still very popular! The barber paints the strands with a brush. He has more creative freedom, can dose intensity and course of the Coloration and set with high and low lights great effects. It protects the hair structure and looks supernatural.

Ombré Hair: The enthusiasm does not flatten. The hair trend is quite changeable and seems to be redefined again and again as the seasons change. In summer, caramel brown tips to brunette hair are the unbeatable favorite. Finally, the lighter tinted tips look as if the hair was just kissed by the summer sun. In autumn and winter, the tips are then a bit fierier: From classic red shades to pastel shades or neon tips.

Granny Hair: While older women do anything to hide their gray hair, young women put on pastel gray. Pastel undertones in rose, violet or apricot give the hair color a fresh and modern look.

Metallic Hair: Whether icy silver, warm bronze or powerful gold – the shimmering hair colors are absolute eye-catchers! So if you like it very much, you should bet on this trend.

Babylights: This hair trend is superfine highlights. Model is the natural highlights in children’s hair. The baby lights give the hair a 3D effect and make it seem voluminous, so perfect for fine hair. If you only want to freshen up your natural hair color, this color trend is exactly what you are looking for.

All this being said Nicole Hudson recommends that all coloring be done by hairdressing professionals to ensure that your does not get damaged, the right color is achieved giving you ‘the look’ that you wanted.  Color corrections can be difficult and expensive – better to do it right the first time than cause problems that may not be able to be fully fixed later.

Nicole Hudson Hair Coloring Style

The organic colours and treatments that Nicole uses are amazing and my hair looks fantastic! Thanks Nicole and team

Marisa (Sylvania)

Thank you Nicole and Capri for providing excellent service. I always leave Indossa happy with my hair colour/cut and I've been visiting the salon for ten years! There's always a good vibe and Nicole keeps up to date with the latest hair trends and products. I look forward to my next visit.

Ann (Kograh)

Nicole is the best cutter and colour expert in Sydney....hands down!

Anonymous (Menai)

I think Nicole is hands down the best Hair stylist, colourist, cutter I have ever been too! This is why I travel to and keep going back to her. Her warm manner with her clients makes you feel valued like family. While it costs me more to travel to go and see her, at this point I would not trust anyone else with my hair. In my opinion she is wonderful at what she does.

Michelle (Yass)

Always leave the salon feeling relaxed and happy in the hands of Nicole.A true Yogi.

Carole (Cronulla)

Nicole, not only are you a fantastic hairdresser but you're a beautiful person. Thank you for excellent service! x

Ann (Kograh Bay)

Nicole knows what she is doing and I trust her completely. When you have long hair and want to keep it a lot of other hair dressers just cut too much. Nicole knows how to cut and what to cut and the colour is amazing. Thank you Nicole.


I have been a client of Nicole's for 7 years. She has taken me from a blonde to a red and recently back to blonde again. Nicole looked after my hair during my time on 'So You Think You Can Dance', where I was constantly having my hair styled.

Chanelle Johnson

I never have any preconceived notions about how I am going to look on leaving Nicole's salon. I usually leave it up to Nicole to decide on what I am having. Never have I been disappointed, always fun, never dull and great results.

Toni (loyal client of 15 years)

Thank you Nicole Hudson for our fabulous hair @Indossa x

Yvonne Tozzi

Nicole, Thankyou for the follow up. I am delighted with my hair colour and cut, can’t stop raving about you and your salon. See you in about seven weeks.


My beauty and body secrets - I credit my hair colour to: “A few different people. I go to Nicole Hudson at Indossa in Cronulla, right near my house (she's very good with blondes), and sometimes I'll go to Valonz in Paddington. In New York I go to Sally Hershberger.”

Cheyenne Tozzi

Cannot thank you guys enough for the care and attention you gave me and my granddaughter River. My hair was a disaster when I walked in, but when I walked out it was amazing. So so happy. What an awesome result!!! Thanks so much Nicole 😁

Kelly-Elizabeth Rosman

I love, love, love my new hair. Nicole has done a beautiful job, she completely listened to me, couldn’t rate her more highly

Wendy Keene

Nicole Hudson and Capre are terrific. Nicole fixed a really bad hair cut and I could hardly recognise myself - in a good way. The salon is gorgeous as are the lovely staff. Good value for money as well.

Saeran Adams

In Cronulla for the weekend and came to the amazing Nicole Hudson for a trim and blow dry ... she is a magician xxx

Deb Deane

Had an absolutely amazing experience today at Nicole Hudson Hair. The ladies were extremely supportive, precise, and the results were fantastic. Never been happier!

Baleigh Gorman

Couldn't be happier, I took off about 8 inches of hair and was very nervous about the change but Nicole and her young apprentice were wonderful and made me forget about the nerves all together. Very well priced and great service, I couldn't recommend her enough.

Alix Forst

Amazing first time at the salon today and the cut and colour i am in love with thanks Nicole

Latisa Valerie Medic

Prior to seeing Nicole, I hadn't been able to grow my hair, it was really damaged and parts of my hair had snapped off. Since I have been coming here, (over 1.5 years), not only do I always leave with an amazing fresh blonde colour but my hair is healthy and has also grown so much. Nicole and Capre are amazing x

Paige McDonald

Nicole is a very special hairdresser who is upto date with the latest colour, products and style..My hair is always in great condition and my colour is always on point. Thank you Nicole for your passion & creativeness that you give to me x

Kathy Kalogiannis

So I reckon you know how good a hairdresser is by how your hair looks when u have to do it yourself. I love my hair and I can actually achieve a similar look 😬. Great cu colour and look!

Amanda Bailey

Nicole always works her magic!! A true professional !

Ronelle Adams

Gorgeous Nicole Hudson, Thank you for always fitting me in at bizarre times, 20yrs n you always do an amazing job, You Are the best true professional n friend 💛U Xx

Nicole Watson

Nicole has been my stylist for years and I trust her completely with my hair! Her colours are beautiful and she always stays one step ahead with fresh ideas. I always leave feeling great!

Jo Wilton

Nicole has been doing my hair for nearly 15 years now, and has kept it beautiful through periods of high work stress, two pregnancies and an unfortunate over-reliance on my hair dryer. She doesn't mind me booting up the laptop to work away while she transforms my hair each time, and now my daughter loves coming with me to have her hair done by Capre.

Leonie Wilkinson

I was lucky to be squeezed in late on a Friday for a makeup appointment, and needed some shampoo/conditioner. The girls were lovely but the shampoo/conditioner is the first one I've used EVER that makes my hair look good dried naturally, no straightener. I thought I needed a keratin treatment but not anymore. Best conditioner ever.

Ally Mahoney

Nicole is honestly the best hairdresser that I have come across in such a long time. After moving to Sydney and testing and trying countless salons that honestly just destroyed my hair, I went and thought I would give Nicole's salon a try and she is honestly a miracle worker. I went in with orange/fluro yuck ends and she completely cleaned it up while maintaining my natural hair to create something beautiful!

Jaime-Lee Digby

So nice to finally find the amazing Nicole Hudson, the only woman who is able to actually do blondes to perfection!!! If you haven't already, book in today!!!!

Bilinda Turner

Nicole is by far the best hairdresser I've ever been to. I knew she had a lot of female customers and she is very popular among the girls with her world class designs, but guys, I've never felt so good after a hair cut. Not only this but the service, the atmosphere and the fact that she gets it right every time make me come from the Eastern Suburbs at least once a month. What a find! I have no hesitation in recommending this outstanding salon and it's charming and very talented owner to anyone. A true professional. I'm hooked.

Doc Martin

Where do I even begin to thank you for my AH-MAZING hair. Previous hairdressers just wouldn't get it right, I have never walked out of a salon and been happy with both the cut and colour ! You are extremely gifted, I am so happy my beautiful Aunty introduced you into my life lol!! Thank you Nicole!!!

Cathy Allotta

Excellent service - great hairstyle

Rick Vermunt

I was desperate to find a good hair salon that understand what I need. I found this place in Cronulla, Nicole Hudson Hair& Salon I was a walk in client , Nicole is very accomodating. Nicole is extremely talented and she does an amazing job. I love my hair cut and colour. The best of all, I know I can always depend on walking out of her salon feeling and looking my best. Nicole and Skye, thank you so much for the wonderful work you do. Great price and service. People at work always compliment my nice colour and hair cut

Jane Tiukinhoy

Always 5 Star service with Nicole. Nothing is too much trouble. Does great colour and cut. She is the only hairdresser in my life where I have not had to go home after and re-blow dried my hair to how I like it ! Been going to Nicole for almost 12 years now !!

Julie Scott

Nicole was recommended to me by a friend after my recent move to the area. Nicole does not disappoint, she understood what I wanted and executed my cut beautifully. Her friendly staff are also very welcoming and attentive. I think it is safe to say I have found my new hairdresser.

Tiana Griffiths

Thank you for fitting me in and making me feel beautiful again, dear Nicole. So grateful for your skill, expertise & professionalism for these past 15 years. You are a Legend and the most beautiful soul/stylist/colourist. Those who know you absolutely adore you!!! ❤️

Daena Williams

Excellent stylist with colouring and cutting! I have been a client since 2006, and have always been complimented on my hair. Nicole is talented in her expertise and is a happy positive beautiful soul.

Trish Apostolakis

Sensational!!! I have been going to barbers for ages and decided it was time to add a little style into my cut. From the warm welcome and hair wash by Sky to the great style and conversation with Nicole, it was a relaxing experience.

Todd Armstrong

I have been going to Nicole for 11 years and I am always receiving compliments from people on my hair. Thank you Nicole, you always know how to keep the look fresh and your professionalism never waivers.

Mary-Ann Baldock

My hair always feels and looks fabulous at Nicole Hudson salon. Her understanding of Blonde hair is on point and the service she gives is outstanding. Being Blonde is so important with colour and texture and also her haircuts are fantastic.

Kathy Kalogiannis

I love going to Nicole Hudson Hair and Makeup..Nicole is a very professional hairdresser and a lovely caring person. I Constantly get compliments on my haircut and colour ...not only does Nicole do amazing haircut and colour...the entire salon experience is hairdresser

Trish Whight

Have been going here for years - always happy with my colour.

Melissa S

Nicole has the magic touch. Many hairdressers struggle to get the perfect mix to match the color that I want. She got it first time with a style that rocked. Thanks Nicole and your team!

Elaine Blogger

Great customer service, amazing colourist!

Renee Opperman

Michael Clarke - Former Australian Cricket Captain

Michael Clarke

Amazing service, honest advice and close attention to detail they always exceed my needs, making sure my hair is not only looking it’s best but that it’s always in its best condition too. You won’t find a hairdresser better then them

Ashleigh Blake

Excellent colour. So happy with Nicole’s work. Five star!

Imogen Bailey

I have never met a better hairdresser than Nicole Hudson. She is amazing with colour! She gets it right everytime. Nicole you are my hero thank you so much for beautiful colour and cut time after time. I live in Queensland and travel to Cronulla to have Nicole do my hair. No fuss and gorgeous results. Big hugs Nicole. ❤️❤️❤️ and thanks also to her team.

Mimi Macpherson

Carol Provan - TV Presenter, Compere, Sutherland Shire Mayor, Celebrent

Carol Provan

Always happy when I leave

Susan Coleman

You're awesome, thanks Nicole

Will Kostopoulos

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