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Nicole Hudson specializes in take home hair-care to help you manage and maintain healthy hair in between salon visits. Olaplex and Bhave are two favourites now available in our Cronulla hair and beauty salon

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Nicole Hudson welcomes guest contributions from people with an interest in the hair and beauty industry.

5 Cutest Curly Hair Trends for Women 2022

Women are gradually coming to terms with their naturally curly hair trends. It's fantastic news for the creators of curly hairstyles 2022. It is critical that you do all possible to maintain the quality of your hair. Though, it isn't just about the quality. The key is to choose the best curly hairstyles in 2022. Curls are in and become a huge fashion statement for women around. While going to an award ceremony, many celebrities coupled curls style with a beautiful gown and striking diamond jewelry. Diamond bracelet women offer a wide range of appealing diamond pieces that make you look complete. It can be challenging for our curly...

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Getting Dermal Fillers Injectable

We live in a generation where people constantly want to look beautiful and young and dermal fillers can help. Old age signs on faces such as dark spots, wrinkles, loosen skins are irresistible skin problems. The dermal filler is one of the best solutions for those who want an instant and healthy solution. With the developments of science and cosmetics, it has become easy for people to look young. There are options to reduce sagginess and fine lines. It is the reason that it is famous as a cosmetic treatment. Compared to Botox, it is preferable for its long-lasting effects. Shaping or formation of the facial areas...

A Guide to Choosing the Best Videographer for Your Destination Wedding

Your Destination Wedding is one of the most beautiful day’s of a couple’s life together. This special occasion calls for everything in it to be perfect, from the venue to the decor and from the food to the music. However, amongst these, perhaps one of the most important factors is choosing the best videographer to capture all the precious moments of your special day in their lens for you to cherish them for years to come.   With the advancement in technology, the quality of wedding videos has improved today, making it easier to film and capture special moments of a couple on their big day. Couples are no longer...

The Top 10 Mistakes People Make When They Have Curly Hair

Making sure your hair is healthy and happy is part of most people’s daily routines. However, if you have curly hair this job is extra important. Curly hair needs extra attention and love, and many people do more harm than good when it comes to taking care of their curly locks. Here are the 10 biggest mistakes that people with curly hair make.   You brush your hair. Cardinal sin number one if you have curly hair is putting a brush anywhere near your beautiful curls. Brushing your hair causes your curls to lose their shape and also creates frizz. It’s ok to detangle your hair once a month,...

4 Ingredients That You Should Look For In Hair Care Products

Having good-looking hair is the best part of every individual personality so make sure you use excellent Hair Care Products. Grooming of hair on a daily routine is very uncommon in people, so it is essential to know which ingredients are present in your shampoos or hair care products that you’re using in your daily routine. Stress, Pollution, and many other factors lead to bad hair conditions, so most people consult doctors to keep their hair clean beautiful, and they have a lack knowledge by using the right products for their hair. Spending too much money on chemical products that don’t include the natural ingredients that make...