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Afro Hair

Hairstyles For Afro American Women

Did you know that there are four types of hair? Straight, wavy, curly and kinky. If you have an Afro, then you have type four hair, also known as kinky. Which means you have the curliest hair of all hair types, your hair is also the driest and most brittle naturally and because of this, it's extremely important that you take great care of it in order to keep it healthy and beautiful. With Afro hair, it's important for you to create moisture as well as lock it and while products can help with creating moisture, there are numerous hairstyles that will help to lock it. So, if...

hair trends 2021

Hair Care For Women In 2021

Do you want smooth and shiny hair? Every woman wants beautiful hair, and it is possible to get if you can take care of your treasured locks properly.  Taking care of your hair may include having the right diet, proper washing, using the right hair care products, and more. It is not that difficult to have nice hair, but the problems lie within our busy lives. As we grow up, there is so much to do, including office and household chores. Even if we want, looking after our hair can become difficult.  Hence, we need to find a way to keep our hair at its best amid the daily...

afro hair

2021 Afro American Hairstyles

Are you aware that one of the most important things in a woman is her hairstyle? Yes, the cultural rules revolving around the hairstyle in a society can represent so many things, such as measuring beauty standards and political choices, among other depictions. It is important to note that a woman’s hairstyle can greatly influence her mood, work performance, among other things. For instance, some Black American women view their hairstyles as representing their political choice more than for aesthetic purposes. Note that Black hair care is a multi-million industry and expected to expand shortly. Please let me take you through several important things you need to...