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Nicole Hudson specializes in take home hair-care to help you manage and maintain healthy hair in between salon visits. Olaplex and Bhave are two favourites now available in our Cronulla hair and beauty salon

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Marine Collagen

Is It OK To Take Marine Collagen Every Day?

Marine collagen is quickly becoming a buzzword in health and beauty communities, and for good reason. Extracted from fish, this powerful supplement is stepping into the spotlight, offering a range of benefits that cater to skin vitality, joint health, and overall wellness. People everywhere notice how this sea-sourced ingredient can make a real difference in their lives. But what exactly makes marine collagen stand out? Beyond its aquatic origin, it's praised for its high absorbency and the amino acids it provides, which are essential for maintaining the body's repair processes and youthful appearance. Balancing enthusiasm with knowledge, we aim to unpack everything you need to know about marine collagen—evaluating its...