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Nicole Hudson specializes in take home hair-care to help you manage and maintain healthy hair in between salon visits. Olaplex and Bhave are two favourites now available in our Cronulla hair and beauty salon

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Their is plenty of food for healthy hair in the market, visit Nicole Hudson Cronulla Sonl to buy a best suited product for you.

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The Great Hair Diet- Foods for Healthy Hair

Nutrition plays an important role in hair growth. In order to have thick and beautiful curls, one must have a healthy diet regime. Healthy hair is considered an asset to both women and men. For women, It exemplifies beauty and femininity. Keep in mind that, whatever you eat and how you take care of your self is reflected in your hair. Hair is an important part of the body and is one of the factors that make someone beautiful/handsome. Non-diet regimes to get healthy hair include; regular cleaning with shampoos, avoid using hot tools on hair, combing your hair when it's dry and not wet For starters, you must...