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Nicole Hudson specializes in take home hair-care to help you manage and maintain healthy hair in between salon visits. Olaplex and Bhave are two favourites now available in our Cronulla hair and beauty salon

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Perfect Work-Friendly Hairstyles

Morning is the time of day when your to-do list is the biggest and your time is the shortest, which means that your custom workwear and beauty regime can be the last things on your mind. However, a lack of time does not necessitate a lack of fashion sense. We've compiled a list of the chicest and quickest ways to style your hair for the workplace, no matter what your hair type or length. Have a look a these Work-Friendly Hairstyles: Wet-and-Forget-It Style To save time getting dressed in the morning, many of us have shaved our heads. Make the most of your hair's low-maintenance length by opting for...