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10 Popular Hairstyles For Asian Women

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10 Popular Hairstyles For Asian Women

When choosing a hairstyle as a woman, it is advisable to consider some factors to avoid being disappointed with the outcome. Some of the things you should never outlook are the cost of maintenance of the hairstyle you want. Another important thing is the features you want to enhance with that style as well as conceal. The texture of your hair is to be considered, too as well as your face shape among so many things depending on what you want to achieve with your hairstyle.

The Problems faced with Asian hair are that it is fine, predominately flat, straight and black in color. As it is fine often there is difficulties in styling and care has to be taken to ensure that any style does not overpower the brow. Greying hair is more pronounced as well.

Below is a list of Nicole Hudson’s popular hairstyles that are worn by her Asian clients and how you can wisely choose which hairstyle to go for. Of course, depending on which look you want to achieve.

Balayage lob

Many women wear this hairstyle and it keeps coming back to the streets and also the red carpet.

With this style, you can choose from a range of colors what color to wear. The style is low maintained and a favorite to many celebs in the world.

Lob with baby bangs

This look is a combination of both the lob and short bangs. The result is a unique chic style. The bangs in this statement look makes it perfect and outstanding from the rest of the hairstyles worn by women.

Dip dye lob

For women who love color and experimenting with new looks for their hair, this hairstyle is the absolute style for them. It is also an easy way to style your hair since you need to dip dye the edges of your hair and you are good to go.

Also, depending on which color you want to wear, you can just change the dye and dip your hair and this gives you the freedom to explore with your hair as much as you wish.

Curly lob

This hairstyle perfectly suits women with naturally curly hair since they do not need to go to the salon to have their hair set. All they need is a texturizing spray and a curl-enhancing product to keep the curls intact.

Having said this, this does not mean that women who do not have curls can not rock this look. They can walk in a salon and have their hair curled.

Long bob with curls

The perfect thing about this hairstyle is that it looks good in women with any face shape. We all know that we should choose a hairstyle that suits our face shape, and this one is no exception to any woman. Its curls add volume to the head while its sides helps bring out the best features of your jawline.

Soft bob with curls

For women whose hair is thinning or naturally has fine hair, this style is great to them since it helps in adding volume to your hair. The curls give you a more chic look and feel great to touch.

Layer concave pixie

This layered concave pixie is a style that gives your hair more volume and ensures that your hair is off your neck, which can be irritating. This is made possible by the fact that your hair will be made shorter at the back and longer in front.

Soft bob with straight fringe

To achieve this look, your hairstylist will make gentle layers on your hair depending on how thick your hair is. The texture of your hair is also to be put into consideration to achieve a flattering end result.

The lob

For women who are afraid to go for a full chop, this is the hairstyle to rock. The lob is in between having long hair and a bob. The good thing with this style is that you can still tie up your hair and grow it to the length you desire with time.

One length bob with color

This hairstyle will require you to dye your hair in two shades or rather tones. You can choose to have a lighter shade of dye on the top have of your bob or go for a dark shade at the bottom and vice versa. Whichever shade you use at the bottom or top of the bob, be sure to pull out a statement look with this style.

After all, is said and done a hairstyle that gives you confidence and brings out your best features should be something to go for. Wear your crown like an Asian queen and have fun while at it.

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