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2021 Afro American Hairstyles

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2021 Afro American Hairstyles

Are you aware that one of the most important things in a woman is her hairstyle? Yes, the cultural rules revolving around the hairstyle in a society can represent so many things, such as measuring beauty standards and political choices, among other depictions. It is important to note that a woman’s hairstyle can greatly influence her mood, work performance, among other things. For instance, some Black American women view their hairstyles as representing their political choice more than for aesthetic purposes. Note that Black hair care is a multi-million industry and expected to expand shortly. Please let me take you through several important things you need to know about the afro American hairstyle.

1. There is a huge difference between Black hair and other types of hair.

While women from other races have wavy, straight or curly hair strands, most Black women have their hair having various degrees of tightly curled hair strands. For instance, some Black women’s hair grows into coils, others in spirals, zig-zags, curves, or loops, and this is the main reason why most of their hair grows upward rather than downward to an extend of defying gravity to make amazing shapes such as puffs and afros.

2. Black hair grows just like other hairs from other races.

It is quite hilarious to note that some people have been made to believe in unrealistic myths that Black hair can’t grow naturally. The fact remains that all healthy human hair will grow to about half an inch every month, although such growth is subject to your genetics, nutrition, and general body health. Note that having long hair largely depends on your hair retention after the long hair breakage, particularly that most Black people’s hair is curly, which can be relatively weaker than long straight hair. Remember, every bend in a strand marks a weak point in a hair shaft, and this makes Black women’s hair easy to break compared to that of other races. This implies that more TLC is needed to mitigate many breakages rather than saying Black people’s hair doesn’t grow long.

3.Having natural hair is an amazing deal for all Black women.

Do you know that one of the main obstacle facing the Afro American hairstyles is that Black women are encouraged to mimic the European hairstyles by all means and forget their unique and beautiful natural hairstyle? For instance, some Black women have been using hot combs or chemicals to straighten their hairs to match the standard fake resentable’ measure set by races with malicious intentions. If a Black woman wanted a decent job, she had to wear a hairstyle that resembled that of a European lady as much as possible. This means that her natural hair wasn’t considered beautiful, even when it meant Black people’s pride.

Never use hot combs on Black people’s hair.

Typically, using a hot comb on your hair represents a hidden punishment subjected to Black women for having curled, coiled, spiral, or zig zags hairstyles, unlike the European women straight hair. Remember, a hot comb is made of metal and an insulated handle. The metal piece is typically held over a stove or fire, and once red hot, you press in on your hair to remove the curls through combing them up. Indeed, there is no enough reason to justify the need to use a hot comb on someone’s hair to make it traight’ when it is supposed to be curled in its natural beauty.

There is no reason to justify washing Black hair daily.

Are you aware that natural oil is more important to keep Black hair healthy and shiny? Yes, either you have a straight or wavy hairstyle, natural oil travels to every hair shaft easily than water hence perfectly nourishing your hair. However, if your hair is somewhat kinky or very curly, ensure to wash your hair to avoid using a lot of oil since it is difficult for the oil to travel through such hair loops smoothly. Natural oil will help you maintain your hair by avoiding breakage that would otherwise make it dry and unhealthy.

Change your hairstyles as much as you can.

One of the main benefits of having Black hair is that you have plenty of options. Yes, you can keep it natural according to your taste. Grown or bought, fluffy or straightened, among other options, and it still looks beautiful. Why not feel proud about the many great things about the Afro American Hairstyles? Don’t be alarmed

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