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Hair Care For Women In 2021

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Hair Care For Women In 2021

Do you want smooth and shiny hair? Every woman wants beautiful hair, and it is possible to get if you can take care of your treasured locks properly.  Taking care of your hair may include having the right diet, proper washing, using the right hair care products, and more. It is not that difficult to have nice hair, but the problems lie within our busy lives.

As we grow up, there is so much to do, including office and household chores. Even if we want, looking after our hair can become difficult.  Hence, we need to find a way to keep our hair at its best amid the daily rush. In this article, we will share some hair care tips and information about the right shampoo for your hair type.


How often do you shampoo your hair affects your hair health. Shampooing is vital to keep your hair clean. However, some women decide to shampoo every day, which can be harmful. It is a chemical product, and it contains various compounds that are harsh to the hair. On top of that, excess washing can take away the nutrients from the scalp that is necessary for healthy hair. Hence, wash hair only when it is needed. Select shampoos with a low pH level and provides vitamins to enhance hair growth. Experts suggest you should lower hair washing three times a week. Different hair types have different needs, so it is best to understand your hair type first and take steps accordingly.

Afro American and Caribbean hair

In these two regions, people usually have dry hair. Hence, they are more likely to break. According to hairdressers, these types of hair breaks easily due to brushing and detangling. Debris also accumulates on the scalp, which makes the hair weak. So, one must be careful about her hair all the time. They recommend using a hydrating shampoo that cleanses hair well.

Fine hair

With thin, straight hair, you will need to wash it frequently. Oil tends to wick down on these types of hair fast. Due to this, you need to shampoo after every two days. However, you will need a gentle shampoo to keep your hair in good shape.

Thick and curly hair

If you have thick or curly hair, you are lucky cause it is easier to skip washing with these types of hair. Use a hydrating shampoo for your curly hair. These are suitable for the hair type. Additionally, it does not have a silicon of sulfate. So, if you color your hair, it won’t be affected by the shampoo.

Oily hair

Greasy and oily hair needs to remove excessive oil content. So, you have to find a shampoo that makes your hair dry. However, you can’t use too much dry shampoo. Use it only once in a while to keep your hair fine and growing. You see, dry shampoo can build up on the scalp and block the hair follicles. It can prevent hair growth and stop you from getting nice hair. To avoid washing your hair often, you can try new hairstyles. Some hairstyles can help you stay without a hair cleansing for long. You can also try hairstyles that look better without shampooing. Some examples of these hairstyles are bedhead buns, braids, twisted topknots, etc.

Colored hair

If you dye or color your hair, you should avoid washing your hair as much as you can. Frequent washing will take away the color from your hair as well as texture.  Coloring and shampoo both make the hair dry. After applying color, wait around at least three days to wash your hair. The color takes that much time to set in. Washing the hair before that time can affect how your hair looks.  Another condition to keep your hair color appealing is to avoid using a shampoo that contains sulfur and silicon. It can hit the color component taking away its stunning look. Find a shampoo that is friendly to hair color and does not make it seem lifeless.

Brushing hair

Hair can get damaged while you brush it. Hence you have to be extra careful when you brush your hair.  The first step to prevent hair damage is choosing the right comb. A comb with a broad tooth is suitable for this task. These are less likely to harm your hair.  Be gentle when you stroke the comb through your hair. In this way, your hair is less likely to get damaged by combing.

Hair trimming

Like brushing and shampooing, trimming hair from time to time is also essential. It helps you get rid of the split heads and keeps your hair healthy.   Cut out 1/4th inch of your hair every six to eight weeks. It makes your hair less messy and neat.

Use conditioner

As you know, shampooing often can wreck your hair. So, keep the hair wash to a minimum. On top of that, you can use conditioner whenever you apply shampoo. It helps to retain the strands in good health. After using the conditioner, rinse it with cold water. By doing so, you are increasing the shine and strength of the hair. You can also try deep conditioning your hair. It works better than just applying conditioner. For this, dry your hair with the help of a towel after a hair wash. Now take the conditioner and apply it to the roots of your hair. Comb your hair to get it to the ends of your hair. Leave them for a while, and then rinse your hair with cold water.

Avoid heat

Heating devices can break your hair, so avoid hair dryer, hair iron, and curlers.

Choose sulfate-free shampoo

Most shampoos contain sulfate that forms the lathering after application. Sulfate is not a choice for your hair. Hence you should pick shampoo with low or no sulfate content.

Final words

These are some tips and tricks we can use in our everyday lives to keep our hair in the best condition. However, there is more you can do, like applying hair oil, choosing hairstyles, eating right. At first, you need to understand your hair type properly. Once you do, it will be easier to take care of your hair. Remember, every person has a different type of hair. So, the solution to their hair problems varies. If you pick the right treatment for your hair, then you can keep them healthy with ease.


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