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Who Are The Five Most Influential Hair Dressers?

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Nicole Hudson with Matty Conrad

Who Are The Five Most Influential Hair Dressers?

Most Influential Hair Dressers – It’s no secret that the general population takes style cues from Hollywood. There’s a reason why Jennifer Aniston’s haircut from F.R.I.E.N.D.S became the most requested hairstyle when that show was in its prime. Have you ever stopped to wonder who created that look? Who is really influencing the way we cut our hair today? Is it the celebrity sporting the look? Or is the hairstylist who created the look to begin with? We’d argue the hairstylists are the most influential. Let’s look at a list of the 5 most influential celebrity hairdressers right now. 

Kristin Ess

You might have seen the haircare line with sleek design popping up in a target near you. Kristin Ess launched her products in 2017 as a way to offer luxury hair products at an affordable price. You have probably seen her work on celebrity clients that include Lucy Hale, Jenna Dewan, Lauren Conrad, and many more. She’s known for her signature loose waves and edgy lob haircuts.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to create a textured wave, look without over curling, Kristin came up with the perfect technique and she’s happy to share it. That’s right, rather than keeping it all to herself, Kristin shares tutorials on her instagram and even on youtube. Her clients are also very vocal about the insturctions she has given them. Jenna Dewan has an entire video sharing the products she uses designed by Kristin and the way Kristin taught her how to wave her hair to get that undone(but still done look). Kristin is all about bringing quality products(we should also mention, her products are cruelty free!) and bringing the style to the masses. We’d call that influential.

Ahn Co Tran

Ahn Co Tran is considered to by synonymous with the beach wave. He’s also known for the bob hairstyles he executes. His Instagram highlights video after video of him carefully texturing the edge of a bob to get it to lie just right. Not only does the cut look beautiful when sleek and straight, but it also looks phenomenal when waved just right. His clients include Anne Hathaway, Gryneth Paltrow, Joey King, Constance Wu and many more.

He is best known for his “lived in hair” look and also offers tutorials on how to achieve the look. Ahn also offers the advice: when being photographed or even just photographing yourself for instagram, fluff your hair more than normal. He says photos flatten everything. We’ll be trying out that advice next time a photo opportunity arises. 

Mara Roszak

It takes a talented hairstylist to pull off putting silver leafing in a client’s pixi cut in a stunning and edgy way. Mara Roszak accomplished exactly that with client Cara Delevinge. Mara designed all of Cara’s unique pixie cut glam looks, including the one with green glitter. She prides herself on her ability to bring the most creative looks to the red carpet. And with that creative attitude, Mara inspires people all over to take fun and daring risks with their hair. 

Other than Cara, she boasts a client book that includes Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, Olivia Wilde, Lena Headey, and Margaret Qualley, just to name a few. Also, fun fact, Mara opened a salon of her own in West Hollywood called Mare. She worked hard to create a comfortable, cozy space. Mara focuses less on having the “cut of the moment” but getting to know the person and providing a cut that is specific to the individual client. Something that compliments their wardrobe, their lifestyle, and their hair type. Overall, she’s all about catering to the individual and that’s something we love.

Paul Hanlon

The man, the myth, the legend. Paul is responsible for many of the wonderfully edgy hairstyles you have seen on the runway. He’s worked with Alexander McQueen to create an out of this world extra-terrestrial hairdo. He also regularly works with Gucci. Most recently creating beautiful tightly braided patterns for their September show. He’s also a man of versatility and recognizes when a brand requires a more chic and sleek look. For instance, Paul created a beautiful sleek design for the Spring LaCoste show. Not only does he create beautiful designs, but he does so for dozens of models who all sport cohesive look in the same fashion. Adding that final touch to the runway show. 

Fun fact about Paul: he got his start as a stylist at a Toni and Guy salon. Day after day working in the salon, he’d watch the video displayed on repeat. Videos of various runway shows. Paul was captivated and knew deep down that’s what he wanted to do. So he bit the bullet and went to London to work in fashion as a hair stylist. He was recognized by Alexander McQueen and really, what more of an endorsement do you need?

Chris McMillan

Last but most certainly not least. How could we exclude Chris McMillan? A hairstylist who defined a generation with the “Rachel” cut. Can you imagine creating a hair design that is so well received that a very large part of the population runs with a photograph of their own hairstylist begging them to achieve the same results? That is the influence. It also must be the biggest form of confidence boost to know you’re really doing something right. 

There is no shortage of talent for celebrity hairdressers, but with influence, these five take the cake. From creating the “Rachel,” to releasing an entire cruelty free luxury hair care range at an affordable price, these individuals have accomplished so much. We’d definitely argue a hairstylist has the ultimate influence.

Most Influential Hair Dressers

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