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A Step-by-Step Guide To Eyebrow Mapping

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Guide To Eyebrow Mapping

A Step-by-Step Guide To Eyebrow Mapping

Makeup artists use a Guide To Eyebrow Mapping to create the perfect eyebrow shape for each face. It involves precise measurements and following guidelines for where each eyebrow should start, arch, and end. The goal is to create a symmetrical, balanced look that enhances the features of the face.


Well-groomed eyebrows can make a person look more attractive, youthful, and expressive. “Eyebrows can alter the appearance of the face by minimising minor faults like small or widely spaced eyes. A perfectly made eyebrows can set the tone for a face, convey mood, or signal flirting, surprise, fear, disbelief, or agreement,” says dating expert Greyson Piper of Pickup line—one of Australia’s top dating solutions providers.

Eyebrow mapping can create a natural, subtle look or a more dramatic, bold look, depending on the desired outcome. It can help you avoid over-plucking or under-plucking your eyebrows, which can lead to an unnatural look. Here’s a step-by-step guide to eyebrow mapping so you can achieve the perfect brows:

1. Clean Your Eyebrows

Begin by cleaning the eyebrows with a gentle cleanser and a cotton pad. Doing so will help remove any dirt, oil, or makeup that may be present. It also helps keep your brows looking neat and can even help enhance your face’s shape.

2. Brush Your Eyebrows

With a spoolie brush, begin by stroking your eyebrows in an upward and outward direction. It will help to reveal the natural shape of the brows. If you have thick fluffy brows, you can trim your eyebrows before mapping to get an exact form.

3. Mark The Centre Of Your Face

Using a ruler or measuring tape, measure the distance between your eyes to determine the centre of your brows. Afterwards, use an eyebrow pencil or a thread to draw a vertical line.

4. Determine The Starting Point

Determine the starting point of your eyebrow by holding a pencil or brush vertically against the side of your nose. The point where it meets your brow is the starting point. You can use the straightforward connect-the-dots method, where you mark the starting point with a dot using a straight-edge tool.

5. Find The Arc

Hold the pencil or brush diagonally from the outside corner of your nose to the outside of the iris. The highest point of this line is where your arch should be. Put dots where you want your arch’s top and bottom to land.

6. Find The End Point

Hold the pencil or brush diagonally from your nose’s outside corner to the eye’s outer corner. The endpoint should be at an angle that follows your lower lash line. Put a dot in the spot as a mark.

7. Connect The Starting Point, Arc, And End Point

With an eyebrow pencil, connect the dots to form the top of your brow. Following that, draw the same shape along the bottom of your brow.

8. Trim Excess Hairs

Measure and mark where you want to trim or pluck any excess hairs. Use tweezers to pluck hairs outside your desired shape, scissors to trim any extra hairs that are too long, or use a razor if necessary. Be sure to pluck in the direction of hair growth for the best results.

9. Fill In The Brows

Use a brow pencil or powder to fill in any sparse areas or define areas that need more definition or shape. Ensure to do it sparingly, as this can make them look unnatural or overdone! You can use concealer or foundation around the edges of your brows for a more defined look and help them stand out more against your skin tone.

10. Remove Markings And Finalise With A Brow Gel

Clean the outlines and use a makeup wipe, micellar water, or toner to erase the mapping gently. Finally, use a spoolie brush to blend out any harsh lines. Set your eyebrows with a clear brow gel, mascara, or wax for a polished look and to keep them in place all day long!

The Perfect Guide To Eyebrow Mapping With Nicole Hudson

By considering your facial features, eyebrow mapping can help create a flattering and natural-looking look. You can easily map out and create perfectly shaped eyebrows that frame and flatter your face with practice. You can also save yourself the hassle, get your eyebrow mapping done by a professional, and achieve beautiful brows.


Nicole Hudson offers outstanding beauty, makeup, and hair care services and is a highly accomplished hairstylist, well-known both nationally and internationally. With over 25 years of experience in Cronulla, her salon provides international fashion and significant hair and beauty care procedures. She has showcased her hair design talent at several prestigious fashion events.

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