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Nicole Hudson Cronulla Hair Salon Back Open For Business

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Nicole Hudson Cronulla Hair Salon Back Open For Business

My time in forced isolation has now passed and the hair salon in Cronulla that I have grown as a business, loving it almost as dearly as my valued clients will re-open again tomorrow.  As previously outlined we will be implementing strict guidelines going above those suggested by health Australia.  Implementing the 4 square meter rule means that there will ever only be a maximum of three chairs occupied at any one time.  Between services the counter, work area will be thoroughly cleansed using a 1:10 bleach solution and we will allow five minutes between clients to ensure that no contamination can occur.  The sink basin will also be sterilized between each and every client.

In addition we will be giving the option of face masks and surgical gloves for any people that think that may be necessary.  Fresh towels will be used for each client and towels that are used have been washed both in the bleach solution as well as regular washing detergent.  All equipment – including brushes will be sanitized using an alcoholic solution greater than 75%.  When working between clients I will be cleaning my hands with antiseptic wipes or gels.

Upon arrival Skye will be asking all clients

‘Have you traveled overseas within the last 14 days?’

‘Have you experienced any flu like symptoms?’

‘Have you been exposed to anybody with Coronavirus?’

Please if the answer is yes to any of these questions do not visit the salon and if you do you will be asked to leave.

Any person we feel may post a threat to the health or safety of our dearly loved clients will be asked to leave.  The Hairstylists Australia union is advising hairdressers they have the right to refuse service to anyone with coronavirus symptoms.  We take the health and safety of both you and our staff seriously.

As you can imagine having had two weeks off our salon is pretty much fully booked – when considering the restrictions to operating from three chairs only.  However at this stage we have the following slots open

Wednesday April 1 –   1 Chair 4pm, 6.30pm and 7pm.   BOOKED OUT

Thursday April 2 – 2 Chairs 4.30pm and 1 Chair at 5pm   BOOKED OUT

Friday April 3 – 1 Chair 3pm

Saturday April 4 – 1 Chair 8am, 9am

If you want to get a hair treatment or service on either of those days please grab those opening quickly as realistically, at the moment, we will not be able to accommodate any walk-ins unless there has been a cancellation.


I cannot wait to get back to what I love doing most – which is my hair artistry.  Hope to see you soon…


Love Nic


02 9544 4009

Shop 2, 14 Gerrale St Cronulla NSW 2230


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