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8 Tips to Help You Pick RIGHT Accessories for Your Lovely Outfit

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Fashion Style

8 Tips to Help You Pick RIGHT Accessories for Your Lovely Outfit

Every girl is aware of the fact that accessories complete the outfit look. A simple pendant or
a pair of earrings dangling around the ears can take a look from pale to adorable. Still, some
ladies struggle to find the ‘right’ accessory for their outfits. Those confused beauties run
Google to learn how to choose perfect fashion accessories but fail to see much about it.
We’ve been researching this topic for a while, and fortunately ready to spell out all the
secrets. So, are you ready, beauties? Here we go with the eight tips to help you pick the
‘right’ accessories for your lovely outfit.

1. A most crucial rule- Not more than three:

Many women still have a misconception that the more accessories you wear, the classier
you will look. Oops, did we break your belief (or say misbelief!)? Opposing to your
conception, blend enormous accessories for your dress. But you should not exceed three.
In some dresses, four may work well, but it can lead to visual issues. However, whatever
accessory you will wear should suit your outfit’s colour, pattern, and material (of course,
that goes without saying).

2. Drape smaller sets to stand out:

Though chunky sets are on-trend currently, you must avoid wearing too many at one time.
Experts say that they appear overwhelming on any dress. On the contrary, you can wear
beads, earrings, bracelets, and rings, all from one set, but its size must be small. Well, that's
a catch!

When you wear the whole set together that's smaller in size, it will make you stand out. All
of these will end up with highly-elegant results.

3. Season sale- scarf, scarf, and scarf:

Winter has arrived, and it is time to pull out your pretty scarves to get ready for the season.
Well, how and on what to wear a scarf is also vital to understand. Otherwise, you will end
up making a fashion blunder.
In winter, you also wear a large collar coat, and many add a large scarf onto it, which
becomes a wrong move. The better idea would be to lay a light kerchief (make sure the
fabric is soft) on your neck and under the outer layers. It will add to your outfit; also allow
your collars to get highlighted.

4. It’s ok if your shoes don’t match:

Who told the true fashion is to match your shoes with your handbags? Let’s clear the air
today – it is not at all compulsory. One thing is mandatory, and that is to create a collection
of footwear in your wardrobe. After all, on every occasion, you need to pair up with
different and comfortable footwear.

One should also bear in mind, if you are planning to wear flashy footwear, then consider
hanging a light-coloured handbag. Here contrasting would work better than matching

5. Think – bright dress or striking accessories:

When in normal life, we tell ourselves to set our priorities right; then why not do the same
in fashion? In this case, you need to determine whether or not your dress is flashy. If it is,
then you shouldn’t go with striking accessories.

In case your dress is casual, then wear heavy makeup and eye-catchy accessories. You
should avoid making the mistake of making everything appear overwhelming. For example,
puffy collar blouses and enormous diamond earrings will be like a fashion disaster when you
carry them together.

6. Giant rings aren’t for everyone:

Lock this in your mind! When it comes to building a collection of fine jewellery, you need to
think twice. Selecting the right ring for your finger is similar to choosing the swimsuit of your figure. The only formula to crack this puzzle is – finger length * width + ring shape + style =
perfect match. Generally, long nails lengthen your fingers’ appearance, and it automatically
becomes a part of this equation.

Also, if you have short fingers, then thick rings will not suit you. One more thing to consider
is the typical length of your nail.

7. Watches are a big NO on evening dresses:

When you go out for formal meetings, sports events, or business tours, wristwatches are a
mandatory accessory to the sport. But if you are donning the evening party dress, then
avoid wearing a wristwatch on it. Additionally, many people also agree with this statement:
Smartwatches are not for every type of clothing.

Now, you might be wondering this is a tip that nobody told you yet or discussed. But the
combination of both things will lead to a shocking result, so avoid doing that.

8. Clothing colour matters for cultural pieces:

Cultural accessories define your style, taste, and preferences. But usually, culturally specific
accessories come with lots of beads and pops of colours. Hence, it doesn’t suit colourful

So, what you can do is; wear such accessories with neutral-coloured clothes, be it traditional
or modern. It will help you tone down the overall effect of colours, making you look classy
and fashionable.

How will you ring in 2021 in style?

It’s been months since we’ve gotten all dressed up, did our hair, put on the makeup, and
picked up some mind-blowing accessories. The time has come to do all of these things.
Oops, I forgot to mention about the new hair colour. Do you colour your hair often? If not,
then sport a new colour for your hair for the upcoming year.

After that, you can choose your outfit, hunt for a suitable accessory (do consider the above
tips), and wear your makeup. Also, leave behind all the pains of 2020 and step into the new
year with style and a smile.

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Hello, I am Mike Morleye, a professional writer, and blogger. I use my passion for delivering
useful information to the readers in an appealing way. I’ve hands-on experience in writing
various topics related to buying and selling homes, lifestyle, health, as well as fashion, which
helps my readers to make the right decision.

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