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Bold and Beautiful: Unique Makeup Ideas for Non-Traditional Brides

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Ideas for Non-Traditional Brides

Bold and Beautiful: Unique Makeup Ideas for Non-Traditional Brides

You just got engaged and looking for Ideas for Non-Traditional Brides! You’re beside yourself with excitement! You hop on the PC and start scrolling through websites to get wedding ideas. And just like that, you suddenly notice that all the social sites you visit display advertisements that look like they were made especially for you at this particular event in your life. The truth is, a digital advertising company will target its audience and market accordingly. That is exactly how powerful digital marketing is!

So what’s the upside to being bombarded with endless streams of wedding-related advertising? The content you are looking for is at your fingertips. Like that perfect dress, your dream venue, or the ideal make-up look that will suit your non-traditional wedding.

Ideas for Non-Traditional Brides

So you’ve made a decision. You’re going for non-traditional and unique make-up because you’re going to be a non-traditional bride. What are the options?

1. The Boho Princess

This is your day and that means you get to pick whatever make-up style you want to wear. And that includes a bohemian-inspired makeup look. This inspired look is all about skin that glistens with minimal makeup. The key to this type of look is to keep the shades neutral and soft and the liner slightly smudged.

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a bold makeup look, but it certainly is unique. You can add a flower crown or place flowers into a braid to make the look somewhat more eccentric. Alternatively, you can add a hue to your hair, like this beautiful soft pink.

If you consider this bohemian color palette, you can draw make-up inspiration from it. Just because the traditional Bohemian-inspired makeup look is soft and dreamy doesn’t mean that you need to comply. You could alternate softer tones for bolder colors. The trick with a bolder shade on the eyes is to balance it with a lighter shade on the lips. Or, opt for a bold shade of lipstick in one of the boho colors and opt for a lighter shade of eyeshadow.

2. Modern Grunge

The grunge look is based on rock culture. Modern grunge is a twist on the old by bringing it into the present. During the 1990s, this look meant a matt base, smokey eyes, and bold lipstick. If you’re the bad girl type, then this is the look you’ll want to go for. It’s the exact opposite of soft and dewy. It’s edgy, wild, and unapologetic. You’ll certainly make a statement with this inspired look.

You’ll want to use matt-finished products to achieve modern grunge. The key to mastering this look is to draw most of the attention to your eyes. You could opt to add bold lipstick like bold ruby or scarlet. This would traditionally be seen as a faux pass at a traditional white wedding.

3. Gothic Princess

More often than not, gothic and grunge are swept under the same rug. But these are two different genres of music and makeup. This look is edgy but the modern version of the look is elevated by adding hints of color and shimmer. Eyes are bold and dark with dramatic eyeliner.

Eye makeup is dramatic, yet exciting. It’s alluring and sexy but mysterious. Eye makeup is the focal point of this look. Adding glitter to the eye makeup gives it more glamor and Je ne sais quoi. As mentioned before, you don’t necessarily need to stick to black and gray, you can add a hint of color for a more dramatic effect. Remember, this is your day and you’re going to wear makeup your way. There are no rules apart from the standard faux pass when mixing colors. The last thing you want on this day is to look like a Christmas tree or disco ball.

4. Disco Lady

Talking about a disco ball, you have the option to opt for a fun, colorful pallet. Here’s the secret, you need balance when you work with colors this bold. The keywords to create this look are bright, bold, daring, wild, and fun. But, the most important keyword is glitter. You’re going to sparkle like a star at your evening wedding.

Keep the colors vibrant and bright. Ideally, the brighter colors should go on your eyelids and the neutral, tonal, or earthy colors should go on your lips. Remember you want balance, not chaos. So let’s talk about eye color. Think bright pink, yellow, blue, green, and even orange. If you just can’t bear to go neutral on your lips, no problem. Just keep the colors glossy to soften the effect.

5. Minimal

Another option is the bare minimum. This is a very unconventional look, as it appears the bride has absolutely no makeup on at all. You’ll need great skin to pull off this look. And, if you can, lucky you! This is one of the prettiest and most natural looks you can wear on your special day.

You could opt for a neutral shade of lip color in matte to give some color to the look if you don’t have naturally red or pink lips. The key to achieving this appearance is excellent skincare before the day and on the day. You could brush up your eyebrows and add a hint of blush.

This is not a comprehensive list of makeup looks for non-traditional brides. It’s simply a list of some of the more prominent looks most brides in this category tend to go for.

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