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Bid Farewell To Wrinkles And Fine Lines With Fraxel Resurfacing

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Bid Farewell To Wrinkles And Fine Lines With Fraxel Resurfacing

How many times have you gaped at beautiful actresses when they appear on the red carpet in stunning looks? The first thing that comes to mind on seeing them is how they stop the clock and manage to look so young even in their forties or fifties? If you check out a few photographs of the same actors a few months back, you might find wrinkles and signs of aging. How did they just disappear? Well, it’s Fraxel Resurfacing that does the magic. 

A Rejuvenating Effect

The chief point of attraction about the Fraxel laser technique is skin rejuvenation, which successfully removes the wrinkles and also removes the leftover imprints of some other treatment. The before-after pictures of those who undergo the procedure look so compelling that even you might give it a thought. But wait and gather some more information about the Fraxel Resurfacing process before making the final decision.

More About Fraxel

Fraxel is the non-ablative and non-surgical process of laser treatment. It aims to improve the skin tone and texture, remove the scars, rectify sun damages and bid farewell to all the signs of aging.

  • You will get a smoother and youthful appearance after undergoing just the first treatment.
  • The biggest advantage is the minimum downtime, which is the disadvantage with other procedures like skin peels or surgical procedures like threading and facelifts.
  • Highly effective in removing wrinkles and fine lines, actinic keratosis, acne scars, and melasma.

Creation Of Micro-Injuries

Are you ready to get hurt for something really good? Then Fraxel Resurfacing is the treatment that you need. The fractional laser will create micro-injuries to form a grid light pattern. The laser beam splits into many smaller beams that target the micro-injuries. The process will trigger a healing action that won’t damage the skin. Similar to micro-needling and derma-rolling, the process is a trigger to the natural physical system for generating collagen directly at the designated site.

Types Of Fractional Resurfacing

According to the clinical experts, Fraxel Resurfacing has two types.

  1. Ablative: It is the aggressive form of the treatment where you will need more time to heal along with proper aftercare. It will remove some tissue layers from the skin’s surface to stimulate collagen production below the dermal layer.
  2. Non-ablative: It is the less aggressive form where the result will be similar, but the downtime will be shorter.


A Safe Procedure

The only thing that keeps bothering you is whether the procedure is safe. To be very practical, the safety lies in the hands of the technician who will carry out the procedure and, to some extent, on you when it comes to post-procedure care. If you don’t follow the after-care instructions for Fraxel Resurfacing, you will end up with more skin problems than you had before undergoing the procedure.

  • If you undergo ablative resurfacing, you should give your skin the necessary time to allow the regrowth.
  • Multiple treatments with lower settings and lesser downtime are safer than fewer treatments at higher and more intense settings, which will need more downtime.
  • If you have a history of hypertrophic scarring or keloids, then the treatment will only worsen the condition.

Make A Thoughtful Decision

Now that you know the basics about the entire procedure of Fraxel Resurfacingyou can decide whether to undergo the treatment. The cost of the treatment varies depending on the region where you will undergo the treatment. It won’t be under insurance coverage unless it is a clinical requirement. Analyse all the factors and then take the plunge to get a younger look.

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