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How to Start Your Korean Makeup Routine with 3CE

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How to Start Your Korean Makeup Routine with 3CE

Korean culture has affected numerous countries and states, starting from their music, dramas, food, and fashion. When you think about Korea, what are the first thing that comes in your mind? For K-pop fans, BTS and BLACKPINK are on top of their list. People who love watching mukbang will immediately think of samgyeopsal and kimchi. Of course, makeup enthusiasts will go crazy for Korean makeup.


Korean makeup routines have been circulating over the web for quite some time now. But what is the hype about it? Korean beauty is famous for its flawless, dewy skin that requires minimal makeup. If they put makeup on, they can make it look like they have no makeup on. Does it make sense? Yes, because Koreans give importance to their natural beauty.


If you are a beginner who wants to start your Korean makeup routine, use this helpful guide to learn some tips to make it easier for you. Here, you will find products from 3CE that you will need to achieve that Korean look you dream of quickly.


  1. Start with a skincare routine.

Koreans perform their skincare religiously. Having a smooth canvas for your makeup routine is key to achieving this look. Their products are made with natural ingredients, which work pretty well for the skin. Also, moisture and hydration is the top priority in their skincare routine. As you may notice, they take care of their skin health seriously.


  1. Sun protection is a must.

Sun protection is their secret to having youthful skin. Most Korean idols are simply beautiful as they take pride in their natural or bare beauty. If you do not protect your skin from the sun, your skin might have a great chance of getting dull. It might also lead to premature aging, and you will start to develop early fine lines and wrinkles. Wherever you go, never forget to wear sunscreen.


  1. Always keep it natural.

As mentioned above, Koreans prefer to enhance their natural look instead of changing their overall look. If you are used to western makeup routines, you will notice a significant change in how Korean makeup routines work. Use shades that will look natural on your skin tone. Most people go to 3CE because it focuses on three primary colors: pink, orange, and beige. These shades easily adhere to different skin tones, making them a great option as a global brand.


  1. Embrace BB creams and CC creams.

Treat BB creams as your all-in-one beauty product that is better than your typical foundation. Use CC creams as a color corrector when you need to deal with redness and other blemishes. These creams can make your look more natural while giving you a healthy glow, just like Back to Baby BB Cream that contains benefits that can provide nourishment to your skin.



  1. Focus on your eyes.

If you look at how Korean idols apply their eye makeup, you will notice that they don’t do glamorous eyeshadows and arched eyebrows. Korean women usually have straight eyebrows. They take pride in making their eyes look youthful and cute instead of making them look more mature like wester makeup does. It is one of the main reasons why the majority of them look younger than their age. If you’re a total beginner, use Super Slim Pen Eye Liner and Super Slim Eye Brow Pencil as it is super easy to use.


  1. Go for a natural glow.

You will never see a Korean idol wear blushers that are too vivid. If you look at their cheeks, they only wear a subtle blush that makes them look naturally blushing. Always choose a shade that will make you look naturally blushing instead of other shades that can make you look unnatural. Consider trying 3CE Blush Cushion as it is available in six colors that perfectly deliver a natural blush for different skin tones.


  1. Master the art of gradient lips.

You will never complete your Korean look without the gradient lip. It works by applying your lipstick or lip tint at the center of your lips. It will create a pleasing gradient effect on your lips that will make your look irresistible. We recommend you try 3CE Velvet Lip Tint in achieving this step. It is effortless to use, but it will provide you a sleek, glamorous finish.


Final Thoughts

Follow this simple guide to become a Korean makeup pro within a short time! It might be too simple and different from what you are used to, but this routine will bring out the best of your natural beauty. Keep everything simple and flaunt your beauty!


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