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Nicole Hudson specializes in take home hair-care to help you manage and maintain healthy hair in between salon visits. Olaplex and Bhave are two favourites now available in our Cronulla hair and beauty salon

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African hair extensions

Afro Braiding At Nicole Hudson Hair Salon

Hairdressers are coming up with new and different hairstyles every day. Whether you are attending a big event, going to school, going to work, or you just want to create a new fashion with your hair, you can do it daily if you know the step by step guide. Today, plenty of braid hairstyles are being used, one of which is the Afro braiding. New hairdressers are starting to learn this concept while experienced braiders are creating new ways to recreate the hairstyle. If you are not sure what's the difference of Afro braiding from other styles of braids, here's an idea that will inspire you. What...

African American Hair

The Challenges of Afro American Hair

Hair texture is something that can make a hairdresser take 1 hour to finish a hairstyle or "6 hours to finish a hairstyle." With so many different textures of hair in the world, (after some on the job experience) hairdressers begin to get a feel for which hair, and textures, and hairstyles will take about an hour to finish, and which ones may take their entire daily shift to finish. When it comes to different races, with Caucasians, their hair tends to be smooth, and silky (although there are exceptions to this rule, with some having very think hair). When it comes to Latins, their hair tends...

bleached hair

Nic’s Tips For Bleached & Colored Hair

Your hair is an asset that you should always treat with proper care. If you lose the beauty of your hair, it would be harder for you to get its beauty back. This is the reason why there are people who really invest in hair treatments. Even if it cost them a lot of money, it doesn't matter as long as they have beautiful, smooth, and bouncy hair. Some people are also getting bleached and colored hair because it's trendy and it's part of fashion. If you are someone who just got his/her hair bleached or colored, note that you have to exert extra effort to care...

hair wash

Nic’s Quick Tips For Washing & Conditioning Hair

We do it practically every day … But, although it seems easy, we don't all know how to wash our hair correctly and we can even be damaging it without knowing it. If you learn the right techniques, you will notice a big difference in the health, shine, and consistency of your hair. Tips for washing and conditioning your hair Did you know that in high-end hairdressers there are experts in washing hair? They are called shamponiers. Their specialty is to know everything about the washing techniques and the application of the products to achieve the result you are looking for and give your hair everything that your hair...

Vidal Sassoon Nicole Hudson

Celebrity Hairstyles By Nicole Hudson

Nicole Hudson has been in the hair and beauty industry for 30 odd years.  She has worked and trained internationally with hairdressing icons like Vidal Sassoon, Tim Hartley, Mary Gable and many others.  A member of the BTC University she is a qualified beauty therapist and hair stylist.  Her work has been showcased at many shows and events and her styles are inspired by international trends and technique.  Nicole has left the glitz and glamour of international hair-styling to concentrate on her hair and beauty salon in Cronulla, Sydney. Although now solely operating from her boutique salon many celebrities still seek out her amazing one on one service...