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Nic’s Tips On Greasy Hair

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Oily Hair

Nic’s Tips On Greasy Hair

Waking up to oily bed sheets isn’t fun. Greasy hair is messy, and will even lead to acne on your forehead. The good thing is that it is possible to manage your oily hair and get you flaunting healthy hair once again. We’ve got you covered with some tips on how to prevent, treat, and handle greasy hair condition. But first, let’s understand what greasy hair is.

What is Greasy Hair?

Some people naturally have oily scalps and hair. For others, the situation may be temporary as a result of imbalanced hormones. Hormonal changes often occur due to adolescence, menopause, or even other health problems. If your hair is greasy due to hormonal imbalance, then it’s advisable to consult with your physician.

No matter the cause of grease in your hair, the remedies you result in may be causing the over secretion of oil by the glands. Research shows that if you decide to clean your hair on a daily to remove excess oil, you end up creating a bigger problem. Ideally, if you clean your hair often, you end up destroying delicate sebum. What happens is that the body reacts by producing more oil to replace the lost moisture during cleaning. However, you need not worry because Nicole’ tips below will help you sort out the problem.

How to Prevent, Treat, and Handle Greasy Hair

•Dry Shampoo

If your sebaceous glands are excessively active, then you can always result in using a dry shampoo. The shampoo removes any dirt and oil on your scalp, leaving your head feeling fresh. The best way to make use of the shampoo is by applying it when your hair is not very dirty. The idea is to prevent excessive oil production rather than waiting for the grease to accumulate.

•Apple cider Vinegar

As weird as it sounds, vinegar may be the solution you’re looking for to treat your oily hair. Dermatologists are now advocating for the product because other than treating greasy hair, it also heals your scalp. You may be wondering on how to use vinegar on your hair, but here is how.

All you need is to mix three spoons of apple cider vinegar with a cup of warm water. But first, you should clean your hair normally and rinse. Then, apply the mixture of water and vinegar and let it settle on your head for about ten minutes. Finally, rinse with cold water. You can try this method for 3 to 5 times a week if you want faster results.

•Use your conditioner appropriately

Most people tend to apply conditioner on the scalp. According to experts, the shampoo is the one meant for the scalp while a conditioner is meant for the hair. As such, always ensure that you only apply conditioner on the hair to avoid grease buildup on the scalp.

•Check on your brush

Most people will admit to using the same brush over and over without cleaning it. Well, that is a disaster in the making because you risk spreading dirt, old products, and dandruff to your scalp. Besides cleaning the brush, it is also not wise to brush your hair every time you feel some grease. This is because you end up spreading oil throughout your scalp. You could also irritate the skin in the process leading to overproduction of oil.

•Shampooing the correct way

Aggressively scrubbing your scalp is not advisable because it leads to excessive oil production. You should also not use your nails to scrub your head because you may end up injuring the delicate skin. Apply shampoo and gently use it to clean your scalp. Concentrate on the areas you feel have accumulated grease. Do not shampoo the hair but instead let it flow through the strands as you rinse the hair.

•Stop playing with your hair

As tempting as it can be, if you have greasy hair, avoid using fingers to scratch your scalp. It is also not good to hold your hair in a ponytail because oil tends to accumulate in the middle of your scalp. Instead, let your hair flow down; don’t lock or twist it often. That way, you will reduce the chances of having oily and messy hair.

In a Nutshell

Almost everyone has suffered the mess of waking up in soiled beddings. However, greasy hair is manageable. If you follow this compilation as a guide, you can rest assured of better hair days. The even better news is that greasy hair problems decrease as you age, so you can expect better days to come. For products that will assist you with greasy hair or oily scalp problems visit the Nicole Hudson Online Hair Products Shop.

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