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Self-Quarantine 14 Days!

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Self-Quarantine 14 Days!

Dear Valued Clients,


Recently I traveled overseas to Vanuatu for a one week holiday.  This travel had been planned prior to the Coronavirus outbreak.  Prior to departure, checks were made to ensure this was a safe Country to visit and whether there was likely to be any restrictions put in place.  There was and still are no reported cases of the virus reported in this Country but unfortunately, contrary to advice restrictions were put in place.

Vanuatu Hair

Due to the government imposing self quarantine requirements I cut my holiday short, returning yesterday beginning my isolation.  Due to this I will not be available at the salon, returning on


BACK ON   Wednesday April 1


The salon will be opening each Saturday for Blow-dry and coloring services with Adam Cleary at the helm.


When re-opening the salon, I will operate it with a SAFETY FIRST mentality going above and beyond Industry suggestions to ensure the safety of my valued customers, my staff and I.  I implore you at this time to not visit any home studios or other salons that are not implementing these standards –




  • Prior to and at the completion of each service we will wipe down the chair, bench and surrounding area with alcoholic wipes and/or hospital grade disinfectant spray
  • After use of each utensil including brushes, scissors, clips etc they will be soaked in approved disinfectants
  • Every 20 minutes or between each client – I and my staff will cleanse our hands with alcoholic wipes
  • Prior to any service clients will be asked if they have displayed or felt any of the symptoms of the virus – if they have be rescheduled to a later date
  • At the end of each day all utensils will be sterilized in a steam sterilizer with appropriate cleansing solutions
  • All clients will be asked if they have traveled abroad within the last 14 days and if so have their appointments rescheduled to a later date
  • There will be no shaking hands, kissing or hugging when greeting people
  • Any bodily contact will be restricted to that required for the service/s undertaken
  • I and my staff will be wearing a face mask during all services
  • Implementing as much social distancing between clients as is possible


I am available to you during this isolation and can be contacted by mobile, instagram, facebook messenger or through my website for any queries, booking or questions.


Life must go on during this trying time but it is essential that we all take the necessary measures to keep each other safe…



With Love To My Loyal Clients


Nicole Hudson

Salon Ph  – (+612) 9544 4009                    Website –


P.S.  I had an awesome holiday

Vanuatu Beach

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