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Common Mistakes People Make When Blow-Drying Hair

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Common Mistakes People Make When Blow-Drying Hair

Salon-gorgeous hair is always sought after but daily trips to the hairdresser for a blow dry can cost a fortune or just be too time inhibitive in our busy world. Using a hairdryer at home is a good option if you have the time and inclination.   Getting that salon blow-dry look is possible at home but you need to develop the skills. It’s not as easy as most women assume and if you are attempting to make your hair look like you just visited a salon but to no avail, check out these 8 common blow drying mistakes that you could be making.

1. You are using a cheap hairdryer.

Most women who are first trying out blow drying at home get put off with the expensive price of a good hair drying tool. They end up buying the cheaper option. They soon notice that their hairs ended up worse than before.

You need to have a quality tool to get the results you want. It is prudent to invest in a good hairdryer because it has features that are not available in cheaper ones. Some of these features are important to protect your hair from the heat to avoid undue damage.

2. You are exposing your hair too long to the towel.

It is common practice for women to wrap their hair with a towel after taking a shower. This can be damaging to the hair because the cotton fibers can dry the hair strands more than it needs. It will cause the hair to develop frizz due to dryness and damage. To remedy this, you can opt for microfiber towels to dry your hair.

3. You use the brush too soon.

Hair is at its most brittle state when it is wet. Using a round brush after stepping out of the shower can do a lot of damage. Hairstylists recommend that you need to blow dry your hair first. You can only get to the brushing and styling part when the hair is at least 80% dry.

4. You do not use heat protectants.

Heat protectant products are made so that it can help your hair steer clear of heat damage. It also makes your hairstyle last longer. It is important that you do not only spray one portion of your hair with it. You can section your hair and apply the product to each section. This ensures that you are covering all areas of your hair before blow-drying.

5. You take the concentration nozzle for granted.

A concentration nozzle is included is not there for nothing. This protects the hair from excessive heat from the dryer by allowing a little distance between the heat source and the hair strands. In addition, it also concentrates the hot air in one area at a time. This reduces the risk of other parts of the hair to be exposed to dispersed heat, thus, preventing frizz.

6. You did not pick the right brush for the job.

To achieve that bouncy and smooth look, stylists often use round brushes. These brushes come in with different kinds of bristles. If you have straight hair and want to add a little bounce on your hair, you can use round brushes with ceramic bristles. If you have coarse hair and want to smoothen your hair out, you should use boar bristles.

7. You don’t use the right sequence in drying your hair.

Most women start their blow-drying from the back of their hair. When they do this, they soon discover that they have a hard time styling the front of their hair, especially if they have bangs. It is recommended that you follow this sequence when you dry your hair: temples, top hairline, crown, and back.

8. You don’t give your roots a second look.

If your hair lacks volume, it is necessary that you pay attention to your roots. You can either use a hair curler while blow-drying your hair or blow dry it while it is flipped upside-down.

Getting salon-gorgeous hair is achievable at home when you use the right tools and skills. By knowing these things above, you will be sure to achieve the common blow drying mistakes during the process. In no time, you will be able to achieve and enjoy the hairstyle that you have been dreaming of.  Ofcourse, if you want to look the best for that special occasion or just want to pamper yourself nothing beats a hair blow-dry by a hair professional.  Like those offered by Nicole Hudson at her hair and beauty salon will always look after your hair and blow-drying is a specialty.

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