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Nic’s Tips On Blow Drying Techniques

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blow drying tips

Nic’s Tips On Blow Drying Techniques

In the fast-paced world today, we need to be able to safely and correctly blow dry hair without damaging it. Any hairdresser can attest to the fact that constant blow drying can indeed damage your hair. To be sincere, no one would like to stroll into the office or make it the party putting classy wear but on the other hand, have a dripping wet hair. One can argue that drying one’s hair is time-consuming but ironically took all the time just to put on that elegant wear. Blow drying can be done safely within a couple of minutes without damaging your fancy hair.

Using correct blow-drying techniques will not only make you look prettier but also minimizes hair damage and leaves your hairstyle looking fresher for longer. Everyone out there is looking forward to recreating a perfect salon blow-drying right for the comfort of their home. However, this dream often seems impossible for individuals with even the best hairdryers because most of them lack effective techniques to get terrific tresses. Learning basic techniques to enhance your skills in beauty therapy is crucial for anyone who wants to achieve a million dollar-like look. Is this want you’ve been looking for? Use our tips for the best outcome.

Prepping your hair before doing a blow-dry is one of the crucial steps that many tend to forget. It is recommended that you turn to your hairdryer once your hair is about 60% dry. Well, you might have seen how difficult it is to blow-dry hair with high moisture content. Blow drying dripping moist hair subjects it to frizz and is likely to cause a severe arm ache in the process. It is recommended that you wait for at least 15 minutes after washing it to avoid such cases. But if you are in a rush and couldn’t wait that long, use a clean towel to dry the hair first to speed things up lightly.

One of the biggest mistakes you can do while doing hair blow-dry is the failure to protect your hair against heat exposure. You can use heat protect spray before carrying out hair blow-dry. Perhaps this guarantees you a healthy hair with a “no-product” feel. There are good quality styling products that can give you a brown-out style that will last the entire time you are tackling your hair concerns. If you have fine hair and would like to have more volume, then O&M Atonic Thickening Spirit can be a perfect solution for your need. But if you have thicker hair and all you want is to control the frizz and movements, try out bhave, synebi or manya hair care products.

You will find better protection from the blow dryer when using this type of shampoo. Remember also that the process of straightening or curling your hair causes some heat. However, using this these products can protect you by moisturizing your hair. If you have a small budget, you don’t need to purchase super expensive brands while you can get the best, economical shampoos in the market. So just look around and buy the best deal for you.

Once your hair is prepped and dry enough for a blow-dry, you will need to separate your hair into sections. Keep in mind that bigger parts take longer time to dry. So it is best to go for about 4-6 sections to ensure nothing is tangled. You can as well make use of clips if you have thick or lengthy hair, while those with short hair can part it into two sections.

Start blow drying at the top/roots, about six inches away from the scalp. Maintaining such a distance during the blow drying process helps you prevent accidental burns. Always avoid blow-drying in an upward direction as this can cause more damage. Continue blow-drying all the way down as you move the dryer around so that nothing gets burned. Avoid focusing the dryer on one spot since drying the same place for long end up drying out completely and can burn the hair. Leave the hair tolerably damp by simply drying it gently. Don’t worry about slight moisture because it will dry naturally in about 5-0 minutes. You can also finish with a blast of cold air to give it a shiny look.

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