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Top 10 Tips For When To Colour Hair Before The Wedding

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Top 10 Tips For When To Colour Hair Before The Wedding

Better Health Channel notes that human hair grows one centimetre each month, and the length of the hair depends on how long the growth phase lasts. As a distinguishing characteristic, it keeps us warm, conveys the impression of a soft touch, and shields delicate body parts from harm, such as dust, like the nose and eyes.

“Making numerous decisions while preparing for a wedding is thrilling and stressful. Like selecting a wedding cake, choosing a hair colour for your wedding is a decision that needs consideration to ensure a perfect match with your overall wedding style and personal preferences,” says wedding consultant and professional wedding pastry chef Nate Ward of Wedding Cakes Sydney.

One of the decisions that some brides may face is whether or not to colour their hair before the big day. This decision can be particularly challenging for brides who have never coloured their hair or are unsure of the best time. Here are nine tips when deciding when to colour hair before the wedding:

1. Schedule Your Colour Appointment Ahead Of Time

Plan and schedule your appointment with your stylist in advance. It will ensure you have enough time to find the perfect colour and have any necessary touch-ups before the wedding. Scheduling ahead of time will also allow you to test the colour before the wedding for any necessary adjustments.

2. Consider Your Current Hair Colour

Considering your current hair colour is crucial before deciding when to colour your hair before the wedding. If you plan on making a drastic change, start the process several months in advance to allow for multiple appointments and gradual colour changes. For touch-ups on your current colour, you may only need to schedule one appointment closer to the wedding date.

3. Consider the Lighting of Your Wedding Venue

Consider the lighting of your wedding venue when choosing a hair colour. Different lighting can affect how your hair colour appears, so choose a colour that fits all types of lighting. Take a picture of your hair colour in natural light before the wedding to ensure you are happy with the final result.

4. Be Mindful of Your Dress Colour

Be mindful of your dress colour when choosing a hair colour. If your dress is white, warmer hair colours can be more flattering, while cooler tones may be more suitable for ivory or champagne-coloured dresses. Also, consider any accessories or jewellery you plan on wearing, as your hair colour can affect how they appear against your skin.

5. Think About Your Wedding Date

You should refrain from colouring your hair the day before the wedding if it is a destination wedding or an outdoor ceremony in the summer. Newly coloured hair can become damaged by chlorine, salt water, and sun exposure. If it is in the fall or winter, you can have more flexibility with the time of your colour consultation.

6. Consider Professional Help

Despite the availability of at-home hair colouring kits, it may be advisable to leave professional hair colouring to the experts before the wedding. A qualified stylist will have the expertise and knowledge to advise you on the best colour to use and ensure your hair looks its best on the big day.

7. Choose The Right Colour

Selecting a suitable colour is essential. Pick a colour that goes well with your wedding dress and skin tone. If you are still deciding what colour to choose, talk to your stylist or arrange a trial run to try different shades.

8. Don’t Forget About Maintenance

After colouring your hair for the wedding, maintain your new colour. It may mean investing in a colour-safe shampoo and conditioner and scheduling needed touch-up appointments. Avoid heat styling and excessive washing to prevent fading.

9. Keep Your Hairstyle In Mind

Consider your hair texture and style to ensure the new colour complements your overall look. If you plan on wearing an updo or other intricate hairstyle, your colour may be less noticeable. If you plan to keep your hair down, choose a colour that adds dimension and complements your natural hair texture.

10. Talk To Your Stylist Ahead Of Time

Book an appointment with your hairstylist well before the big day so that they can help create a look that will make you feel confident when walking down the aisle. They can also help suggest accessories or styling products that will keep your hair perfect throughout the ceremony and reception. Some stylists may even recommend a style that lasts several days after the wedding, giving you an extra unique look on your honeymoon.

Get The Perfect Hair Color For Your Perfect Day With Nicole Hudson

Colouring your hair before the wedding can be a great way to enhance your overall look and feel confident on your special day. Remember to maintain your new colour with the right products and appointments, and consider seeking professional help to achieve your desired look.

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