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Hair Extension Aftercare

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Hair Extension Aftercare

Nowadays, more and more women are choosing to start using hair extensions as an addition to their daily look. These extensions have been on the market for years, however most women were not able to use them on their own and going to a beauty salon to have them fitted was too expensive, which meant that they were hardly ever used and became very “exclusive”.

This trend has changed over the years, thanks to the creation of medium and high quality extensions at much more competitive prices. Previously, the variety of extensions sold to the public was quite limited, which meant that those that were cheap were of very low quality, while those that were worth it were prohibitively expensive.

Now all women can choose from a wide variety of good quality extensions without ruining their economy. Although the extensions are very easy to put in place, their maintenance can be a bit complicated, causing them to deteriorate too quickly and we can’t enjoy them as long as we would like.

Below, for all those women who want to enjoy their new extensions and learn everything about their maintenance, we will explain some simple after-care guidelines that will keep your extensions in good condition for much longer.  Even afro braiding hair extensions.

Take note!



For proper brushing that does not damage the extensions it is advisable to use a natural bristle hairbrush or a hair extension loop brush. Afterwards, you should separate the extension into two sections ( left/right side) and brush all the tangles up from the end of the hair to the roots.

It is recommended to repeat this process every morning and night, being ideal to use a natural bristle brush exclusively for the area near the roots.


The washing of the extensions is crucial in their maintenance, since it will depend on it that the quality of the extensions does not deteriorate because of having carried out a deficient or inadequate washing of our extensions. To wash your extensions you will need a brush, preferably with natural bristles, a shampoo and a very good quality conditioner which will provide a deep cleaning and hydration.

The first thing we will have to do is to brush our hair very well before wetting it, and once we turn on the water we will make sure that the pressure is not at its maximum because we could damage the extensions. Then we will start to moisten the hair and apply the shampoo always making downward movements; we will massage the whole scalp well and try to rinse the shampoo completely, because if some gel gets trapped between the extensions and dries out it could damage them.

Next we will repeat the same process with the conditioner, applying it with the fingertips between the loops and rinsing it all very well with abundant water; we will dry it with a towel without applying too much pressure or pulling it and we will let it dry.

Remember that if you plan to dry it with a hairdryer it is convenient to use some kind of spray with a high quality thermal protector, since the high temperatures of the hairdryer could end up deteriorating the quality of the extension very much, leaving it too dry and without shine.


If you want to give a more personalized touch to your hair extensions and arrange them for a more special occasion, it is advisable that you use the right products for this, because otherwise this small arrangement could become a real disaster and make your extensions irremediably damaged.  If you are going to straighten or curl your extensions you should always use thermal protection products and avoid applying the heat from the drying process to the root area for too long. You should also always use crocodile clips or pincers to help you work in sections and thus have more control over the areas you are going to treat at all times.

Also, remember that before doing any treatment on the extensions they must be completely dry, otherwise the heat of the iron or dryer could burn it and damage it completely.


One of the things you should always remember if you wear extensions is that it is totally forbidden to go to sleep with wet hair. It is recommended to use satin cushion covers to avoid tangles or to always make a loose braid that keeps the extensions in the same position and protected.


Many brand hair extensions allow for semi-permanent coloring of both the roots and the rest of the hair. The only thing that is not recommended is to apply a bleaching treatment on them, as they will eventually dry out and look and feel very unpleasant.  However, there is an exception to this rule and that is the use of 100% virgin hair extensions, which allows for both colouring and bleaching without losing quality.

Now you know, if you are thinking of getting some hair extensions and you are worried about not knowing how to keep them in perfect condition, following all of Nic’s hair extension care tips we have provided you with through this post you will get it. Do not hesitate to try them!

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