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Whatever the season, a hairstyle change is necessary if you want to keep looking fresh and well put together. Some people change their hairstyles often while, for some, it may take time. Getting the same hairdo every time you go to the salon or get your hair done can be tedious. It will also give you the same old look as before, so what’s the point? Change is always tremendous and sometimes necessary.

Braids will offer you versatility, which is precisely what you need when it comes to hair. Braids are also excellent if you want to protect your hair from heat damage.  In this article I will suggest ten of the most popular braided hairstyles that will have you looking stylish and trendy and act as protective styling for your hair.


Box braids are an excellent protective style for your hair. If you have time, you can do them as small as you want. However, if you are looking for a quick fix, you can go for the jumbo braids to save time.You can customize box braids to look exactly how you want them. New styles keep coming up, and you don’t have to section your hair into just boxes. You can do triangles as well and whichever shape that will interest you or find manageable.You can mix up different colored braids for a more street look or use different shades of the same color if you want to stay a little bit neutral.


You can lay your hair and edges perfectly and only braid your ponytail. The fantastic thing with a braided ponytail is that you can keep it cute and simple or be extra dramatic. If you decide to be extra and make it dramatic, you can accessorize with hair clips of different colors and even barrettes. You can put as many as you want or literally anything. With such a dramatic braided ponytail, you will not even need any more jewelry on you.


There are two ways you can rock this French braid look. You can have your French braids tight, neat, and down your back. You could also have them loose and pull out a few bangs for a roughed-up look. This second look is particularly great for summer while chilling at the beach.


If you fear the pain and tension on your scalp that comes with doing box braids, then knotless braids are precisely what you need.

They offer you the same look that box braids give you but without the pain during the installation.


You can either do this braid as a crown or as a ponytail. There are numerous tutorials online on how to fishtail your hair, so that should not be a problem. Once you learn that, you can do a side part of your hair and wear the fishtail as a crown or wear it down your back like a regular ponytail.


This is a classic braid choice and had to make it to our list. It will work excellently for you if you have long hair. You can choose to Dutch braid your hair around your head to achieve the crowd look. You can also braid your hair the three-strands way and then coil the tail around your head for the same look.


This look is effortless and straightforward. You leave the rest of your hair and do two three-strand braids at the front to fall on your face. You can then lay your edges for a finished look and hold your hair in a bun or ponytail.


This look screams everything about being cool and easygoing. The secret is to keep it organic. You will braid your hair as you normally would but leave some braids undone halfway to achieve this look. You can do this at varying lengths.


You can do your cornrows halfway and then gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail. If you want to add a little length and volume, you can use an extension.


As mentioned earlier, braids are a very versatile hairstyle. You have endless options on how to wear. You can cut your Fulani braids into a bob and accessorize with beads to add some color.


Whatever hair braiding style you choose Nicole Hudson Hairstylist Australia will give you the best service and result achievable.

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