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Get The Best From Your Hairdresser in 2021!

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Salon etiquette

Get The Best From Your Hairdresser in 2021!

Proper Hair Salon Etiquette

Every business has rules that customers should respect and a hair salon is no different. If you don’t want to give the wrong impression to the stylist working on your hair then you are in the right place. We will be discussing things you should keep in mind at your next hair salon appointment so you know if you are showing proper hair salon etiquette.

1: Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute To Cancel

If something is going to cause you to miss your next appointment, you should let your hairstylist know as soon as possible to give up your old appointment slot and reserve a new one. Sometimes we can’t help if something comes up at the last minute. However, most salons expect more than 24-hour notice if an appointment is going to be canceled. So if you wait until those 24 hours to cancel, don’t be surprised if you have to pay a cancellation fee.

2: Be Punctual

If you arrive at the exact moment your appointment is scheduled for then you should consider that late. If you are getting your hair colored or some other treatment then your stylist has to have that ready for your appointment. So it’s best to show up five to ten minutes before your scheduled appointment if you can. If you know you are going to be late though, it is best to call.

3: Bring Pictures Of What You Want

Unless we are getting a specific haircut and know what it’s called, it’s hard to explain what most of us are expecting so bring a picture of what you want your final result to be. If you bring a photo of someone famous, just remember they have professional stylists work on them before they have their photo taken. So if you want the same hairstyle as a celebrity then it might be more expensive than you expected.

4: Don’t Talk Too Much

It’s not wrong to talk to your stylist about what is going on in your life. But you don’t want to bring the mood of the conversation down. You don’t want to bring up all your problems but you do want to build a good relationship with your stylist. If you have nothing to say, it’s not rude to enjoy the silence.

5: If You Are Unhappy With Something, Say Something

If you are not happy with the way your hair is being cut or colored, then that is when you should bring it up. If the stylist knows you are not enjoying the way the job is looking, she might be able to change something that you’ll like much more. You are paying so you should get what you want.

6: Keep Your Temper In Check

If you are on time for your appointment and your stylist happens to be late, remember that some situations can’t be avoided. Maybe the person who had the appointment before you arrived a little late. But creating a situation is not going to make your appointment come any sooner.

7: You Can Ask The Opinion Of Your Hair Stylist

If you are planning a big change for your hair, it would be best to talk it over with your stylist before the appointment. That way your stylist will have what they need and know how much they will have to charge to cover the cost. Your stylist could also give their opinion on what they think of the new hairstyle you want.

8: Dress Like You Normally Would

When you show up dressed like you normally would, your hairstylist would get to know your fashion taste and could see if that would clash with how you wanted your hair done. You want to look your best when you leave the salon, right? Why not get a hairstyle that compliments how you dress instead of clashing with it.

9: Text instead of talk

If you are in a busy salon, other customers might be talking with their stylist and you don’t want to contribute to the noise because of a phone call. If it’s a quick phone call, take it but if it’s going to be a long conversation, respond by texting.

10: Value The Opinion Of Your Stylist

Of course, you should have your hair done the way you want it. But keep in mind that hairstylists have studied all the different ways to do hair so this is their field of expertise. If they have an opinion, listen to it. You could always reject the suggestion if you don’t like it.

11: Be Honest About Previous Treatments From Other Stylists

If someone else has treated your hair, you should let your stylist know. If you keep your stylist in the dark, then the treatment your current stylist gives might have an unexpected effect when it clashes with a previous treatment from someone else.  It’s very important to follow hair salon etiquette and that is why these rules exist. Everyone wants their experience at the hair salon to be a good one. Do you have any other rules to practice proper hair salon etiquette?  Let us know!


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