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10 Weird Facts About Hair That You Probably Didn’t Know

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10 Weird Facts About Hair That You Probably Didn’t Know

The hair is an important part of the body that serves the purpose of protecting the body parts, regulating the body temperature, acting as a sense organ, and facilitating perspiration evaporation. Depending on the style and color, the hair also adds beauty and personality to how a person looks like.

But if you think you already know everything about your hair, you’re probably wrong. You might get amused by these 10 weird facts about hair that you probably didn’t know.

1) The hair is super strong

Did you know that each strand of your hair can support a weight of 100 grams? Yes! And that may not sound surprising at all, but if you combine all the 100,000 to 150,000 strands of you hair, it can support the weight of two elephants! Not only that, but when you wet your hair, it can stretch to another 30% of its original length. It turns out your hair is totally ripped!

2) The hair is very much like horns, claws, beaks, and hooves

Wait, what? Hair may look nothing like animal horns, claws, beaks, and hooves but they are all similar because they all contain keratin, a protective protein that makes up your nails, hair, skin, glands, and other internal organs. Keratin makes your hair smooth, strong, and shiny.

3) Yes, your hair is dead

Even though you hair is shiny, strong, and smooth, it is technically dead. The hair that grows inside your epidermis (the outer layer of the skin) is the only part of your hair that is alive and well. Still, even if your hair is dead, it is best to care for it by shampooing and conditioning it.

4) Your hair has lots of information about you

Your hair is like a database of personal information about you. It can store information on the toxins you’ve been exposed to, the level of pollution in your neighborhood, the levels of your hydration and hormones, the diet you’ve been intaking, and even the drugs you’ve been using. The hair follicle, which is located at the base of your hair, also contains your DNA!

5) Blondes and redheads are rare

If you have blonde hair, then you are part of the two percent of the population who has it as well. Now, if you have red or ginger hair, then you are part of the one percent of the population who has it, too. This means that blondes and redheads are rare and almost unique.

6) The hair grows faster when it’s warm

Since the heat stimulates circulation and growth, it means that your hair grows 20% faster during the summer or whenever it’s hot. This growth pattern is basically like that of plants and insects, that whenever they are exposed to the heat or to the sun, they grow faster than normal.

7) Your arm hair will always stay short

Thank goodness! This means you won’t be turning into a hairy monster ever! Kidding aside, your arm hair will always stay around half an inch long or less because its lifespan is only a few months. This is far from the lifespan of your head hair which is five years.

8) It’s okay to shed everyday

Do you always worry when after taking a shower, you see a lot of fallen hair in the drainage or when you comb your hair, you see a lot of hair stuck in your hair brush? It’s a worrying sight to behold but the good news is — a normal person can shed an average of 50 to 150 strands of hair every single day. Just make sure to put your clumps of fallen hair in the trash!

9) The hair of women and men are the same

If someone says men’s and women’s hair are different from each other, they are totally wrong. The hair on a man’s or woman’s head are identical and equal in structure.

10) Each strand has a lifespan of five years

Did you know that your hair can stay on your head for as long as five years? That’s even longer than the average boyfriend-girlfriend relationship nowadays! That’s the main reason why we can all grow our hair longer for years without cutting or trimming it.

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