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Foods to achieve healthy skin and hair

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Foods to achieve healthy skin and hair

Achieving healthy skin and hair is generally a holistic approach. You cannot just pick any ingredients and expect them to enhance your beauty and health instead you need to take care of each edge.  In this article, you’ll get to know about the scientific methods and food prescribed by specialist Dermatologists to improve the health of your skin and hair. Stay tuned till the end. For more info, you can visit and see the hot guys on there if you want and see what eating healthy skin and hair looks like.


Science of healthy skin and hair


Basically, healthy skin is the result of a balanced combination of protein and antioxidants. So how do you get your protein? Seems the keratin present in your skin and hairs is nothing but a derivative of amino acid. These amino acids combine to form protein molecules.


Protein & Keratin Relationship


You might wonder what’s so special about keratin?


Well, Keratin contains tons of sulfur-containing amino acids and these are vital ingredients to maintain a healthy skin and hair. Show the best foods to achieve healthy skin and hair will contain a good amount of protein. Let’s find out these sources.  Hair is very important if you don’t believe me talk to the guys who are scoring with girls over on these couple sex cams.


#1 Sprouts


Sprouts are loaded with sufficient amount of Nutrition required by a body and its Endeavour overloads your body with extra fat. Also it prevents the risk of skin cancer. These skin cancers are generally probed by the presence of free radicals. Sprouts help you get rid of those free radicals and keep you hydrated.


Also, sprouts such as peas are a rich source of vitamin D which is effective in controlling the secretion of oil from your skin.


#2 Dry Fruits


Dry fruits power pack a combo of vitamins, minerals, and ions that provide strength to your immune system and are even effective for skin and hair. Dry fruits such as raisins are loaded with antioxidants and Resveratrol, a right role which acts as a shield to your skin and prevents the environmental dullness from sticking to your hairs and skin.


Also, walnuts contain a sufficient amount of Omega 3 fatty acid which is in natural moisturizer to yours Kane it add volume to your skin and prevent inflammation caused by infection & sunburn.


Antioxidants are your true Friends


Well, Antioxidants are extremely vital for healthy skin, hair, and nails. You don’t really get antioxidants from animal-based products, the only source of antioxidants is from fruits and vegetables.


Nature has an enormous amount and type of antioxidants present in different fruits and vegetables. Now, it’s not like you can see that consuming only one type of antioxidant or only one antioxidant for better skin. Instead, it is compulsory to provide a variety of antioxidants to your body.


Imagine it like preparing your meal. Do you just eat a single ingredient? Obviously not! Similarly, for healthy skin and better hair growth. You need to merge and intake all the essential components like Vit A, VitB, VitC, VitB12 and the list goes on.


#1 Vitamin B


In general, anything which is Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red are rich in Vitamin A. Fruits like mango, cantaloupe, apricot, red grapefruit have sufficient Vitamin B for daily requirement.


#2 Vitamin C


Want to identify Vitamin C-rich fruit in a finger shot? Go for salty fruits such as orange, guava, strawberries, kiwifruits and the list goes on.


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