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Quick and Easy Tips To Get That Perfect Eyebrow Shape

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Quick and Easy Tips To Get That Perfect Eyebrow Shape

The aesthetic of one’s appearance is an investment. With society’s standards, people are spending money to improve and maintain the beauty that is deemed acceptable for themselves. In today’s standard of beauty, natural-looking and symmetrical eyebrows are one of the most sought after by both men and women in most parts of the world.


Achieving this kind of feat would usually take regular visits to salons and spend a significant amount of money. Some might even take unique treatments from specialists to achieve this goal. This article has summarized everything- from techniques to tips in achieving that perfect eyebrow style without spending a ton on salons and beauty shops.


A Quick Disclosure

Any modification to your eyebrows must take careful consideration. One mistake is already evident and noticeable by many. Do understand that no one eyebrow shape or design fits all, and as such, you must make careful consideration of your face shape, brow thickness, and if you need to pluck your brows or fill them.


Additionally, not everyone can master this as it takes time and practice. If you feel that you need professional assistance at any point, we suggest seeking out microblading as the first step. Microblading is a manual implantation procedure that gives clients natural-looking brows with little maintenance.


If you’re in Canada by any chance, seeking out microblading in Calgary might be extra helpful to correct those mistakes during practice. You can even get a reference from them whenever you want to experiment and shape your brows by yourself.


Brow Styles and Face Shapes

As mentioned before, no one eyebrow shape fits all. Fortunately, some designs complement well with a particular face shape:


Faces with round shape fit well with arching brows. Get a design that follows a narrow line up until the peak of your brow; this will blend well with round faces. Square faces tend to pair well with soft and curved brows. Thicker and longer brows are always better. If you have a significantly thinner brow, focus more on filling techniques, and pluck less for shaping your brow.


On the other hand, oval and heart-shaped faces should focus on flat, soft-angled, and rounded brow designs. It complements well with the shape and creates a more natural and aesthetically pleasing look. Avoid high arching brows as your right brow should follow the curvature of your face.


Overall, if you want a perfect brow, they should not stand out much and prioritize more on complementing and blending to your shape. This creates a good impression and naturally stands out without the feeling of being forced.


Carving and Designing the Framework

When you have an idea and a groundwork on how your brow looks like, it’s time for plucking and filling. Get your plucking tools and filling pencils and start shaping! Here are several tips that should help you be more in control and maximize whatever you have on-hand.



Everyone knows what plucking is, and everyone knows as well that plucking hurts at first. In that sense, you should have proper lighting and control over your tools to minimize damage and get that strand you’ve been aiming for without hurting too much.


  • The first point is quality. Tweezers should be at the highest quality before starting. Your tweezer should be able to pull hair easily with less force needed.
  • Get an idea of what you’re working on. Brush up your brows using a spoolie and trim down long, outstanding strands and get a clearer picture of how you’re going to pluck your brows.
  • Before plucking that first strand, make sure you run over your brows with ice cubes. It lessens pain and reduces swelling.
  • Always be careful when pulling brows. Always take a step back, and observe your progress every after a few pulls. Avoid overplucking your brows as it’ll take time to grow back again.
  • Suppose you’re naturally born with thick and prominent brows. Usually, there’s lesser plucking needed. You can remove strays and brush them up to achieve perfect arches and perfect strands.



The goal of filling brows is to make your brow thick and natural while keeping close to your natural hair tone. Your tools in this procedure should either be a pencil, shadow, and brow mascara or makeup products.


Pencils help you outline your brow, while shadows and brow brush help you fill in those details without overdoing them. The rest can enhance and highlight parts of your brow. Here are some starter tips to lessen errors.


  • Arches and angles shouldn’t be too sharp as it’ll make you look angry. If you aim for a higher arch, make it subtle, and line your tool diagonally to the centre of your eye.
  • For a more defined look, highlight your skin between the brow and eyelid using a few drops of concealer and highlighter under the eyebrow.
  • Whenever you’re using brow products and makeup, apply it slowly and as light as possible. It gives you more control and avoids getting your brow too dark or too deep. This destroys the natural look you were aiming for.
  • When not applying products, use conditioner on your brows to fill them with nutrients and help them grow fuller and healthier over time. This minimizes your need to use more products and makes it easier to maintain and adjust before starting your day.
  • Suppose you have sparseness issues due to over-plucking and abnormal growth. Use a brow pencil and fill it up slowly with your brow mascara until it matches your hair tone and covers those uneven spots.
  • Regularly brush your brows. Like the hairs on your scalp, brushing your hair promotes blood flow and helps with your brows’ growing process, getting it thicker and healthier.



Grooming your eyebrows is the same as grooming your scalp hair and taking care of them. Always consider all other aspects before committing to one design. Additionally, seeking professional help and trying out their services at least once can significantly help you in envisioning what a perfect eyebrow looks like on your face.



Author’s bio:

Lexi is a student and freelance writer who loves all things beauty related! Her side job at Ulta keeps her up-to-date on many of the trends in make-up, hair and skin care and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with her customers. Hoping to grow her online presence in the wake of COVID, Lexi has also begun writing blogs and articles to develop an audience and help women outside her social circle to recognize that, while true beauty comes from the inside, it’s easy and fun to reflect your inner beauty on the outside! When she isn’t working, studying, or creating make-up and skin care tutorials for her friends, Lexi enjoys skiing and visiting amusement parks to find the best roller coasters, or curling up with her cat, Mandu, a great cappuccino, and a good romance novel.

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