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Nic’s Tips For Untangling Hair

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Nic’s Tips For Untangling Hair

Taking good care of your hair is one of the most important ways to ensure its healthy condition and is appealing to look at.  However, it’s easier said than done, when, for most people, simply brushing their hair often causes breakage, especially for people who are more heavy-handed with their hairbrush.  But don’t worry; there are a variety of methods you can use to untangle wet or dry hair without damaging those delicate strands.  In other words, you can finally bid a farewell to hair breakage because in this article, we’ll be sharing some useful tricks and tips you can use for getting rid of tangled hair, including things like smart techniques and buying hair care products.


Tips And Tricks For Getting Rid Of Tangled Hair

Untangling In Sections

The most important rule for de-tangling wet or dry hair is to comb or brush it in relatively small sections; start at the ends and then gradually and very gently work your way up.  By doing so, you’ll be gently removing the tangles rather than breaking through them, which occurs when you brush from root to tip.  Make sure to use a suitable brush, like round brush or a paddle brush, depending on the type of hair you have.

Using A Hair Spray

If your hair is really knotted, you should try reaching for reinforcements. Like specific untangling hair products, such as hair sprays that will give the strands the slip you require for easily working through your hair knots as well as tangles without causing any breakage.  Also, besides de-tangling strands, many hair sprays are great for softening, protecting and conditioning your hair, not to mention they smell wonderful!

Using Nourishing Hair Products

If you want to nourish dry strands as well as soften your knots, you should try applying a warm hair care oil, like avocado oil or coconut oil, to hair strands. First wrap your hair in a plastic wrap, and then cover it with a hot towel.  For the best results, rinse it out with a mild shampoo after several hours. And even though it is not a very common hair product used for detangling, this trick will improve the condition of your hair.

Using A Hair Mask

If you notice that the dry ends of your hair became tangled, chances are very high that they are dehydrated. Try using a hair mask once a week for applying it to the parched strands. Hair masks are good for deep conditioning your dry hair and also, hydrated strands are less likely to become tangled.

A Trim

One of the leading causes of tangles is a hair that remains in a desperate need of a good trim. Do you know why split ends eventually become tangled overnight, looking like an absolute mess in the morning? It happens because they are in need of snipping off!  So make sure to maintain regular trim appointments for keeping your hair ends in much better condition.

Being Gentle With Your Hair

The best way for avoiding breakage when you are untangling your wet or dry hair is to be gentle with it. After a shower, pat and don’t try rubbing a hair. And if it’s possible, always switch to a microfiber towel that, unlike traditional bath towels, is much less abrasive. Also, try using a brush that is designed to be used on a wet hair for untangling the strands while avoiding snags and breakage. While you are brushing your dry hair, make sure you are using a wide-tooth comb as it’s great for getting rid of knots and tangles. It’s much better than using a paddle brush that is sometimes harsher on tangled hair. This important tip can be very useful and effective for hair styling professionals as well who want to learn how to easily and efficiently de-tangle hair after braiding it. And so once you start treating your hair gently, you’ll stop worrying about untangling a knotted hair in the first place.

As can be seen, there are many great tricks and tips you can use to get rid of tangled hair.   All you have to do now is to choose the best, most suitable option for you to give your hair a much healthier and more appealing look.

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