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Pump Hair Care Range Australia

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Pump Hair Products

Pump Hair Care Range Australia

Pump Hair Care is a business, both online and offline, offering different hair care products such as hair and lash growth products, pump derma hair growth roller, volume and thickness products, anti-frizz hair care, treatments, curly girl method products, treatment for oily and itchy scalp, moisturizers, anti-pollution haircare, and pump mulberry silk collection. In general, this store offers must-haves collections to boost the natural growth of hair. It doesn’t just sell to individuals, it also forms partnerships with different salons locally and worldwide. Pump Hair Care is a brand that’s becoming popular with people who want to grow their hair without nasty products.

How did Pump Hair Care start?

Like any other company, Pump Hair Care started with Tash’s story. Tash is the founder of the business and this is how the story started. Tash was diagnosed with endometriosis when she was 19 years old. One of the notable effects of the disease is hair loss, which was not good for Tash since she was a hairdresser at that time. Her thinning hair became a struggle as a hairdresser. She needed to try various hair products promising thicker hair, more volume, and growth. Unfortunately, nothing worked for Tash. To better improve her hair, she changed her diet, became healthy, and realized that she needed to change what she was putting on her scalp to prevent more hair loss.

That was the beginning of her endless and sleepless nights trying to discover the best ingredient she can use. After putting her son to bed, she spent nights to find the most suitable products for her condition but she failed again to identify what she really needed. She knew that time that she wasn’t the only one who needed the change. There were also clients from her salon who wanted her help. She started her mission to find the most natural ingredients and create a formula out of them. Eventually, she came up with an Australian product made out of plants and botanical ingredients. Her organic hair products did not include nasty or chemical ingredients that could damage the hair and the scalp of the users.

She let her hairdressing clients test her products. Tash could see the effects on her clients every time they got back to her. The first products of Pump Hair Care were shampoos and conditioners that were sold online. At first, she was just selling a few bottles a day. She was packing the products on her dinner table. When her brand got known, she started to sell hundreds a day. The hundreds of bottles became thousands until she and her team acquired a warehouse and an office where they can operate the production and shipment.

Today, Pump Hair Care is selling more than 37 unique hair products, not just for the scalp but as well as for eyelashes and treatments for specific hair conditions. The company is delivering to more than 90 countries today and it has stocks in more than 100 salons nationwide. Although there have been competitors trying to copy Tash’s ingredients, she doesn’t mind.

The Mission Statement Of Pump Hair Care

Pump Hair Care is geared towards making the most natural hair products for its customers. They use the finest ingredients and utilize bottles made by the first carbon-neutral recycled plastics facility in Australia. Their mission is to provide biodegradable packaging that matches the spontaneity of their products. Tash is using carefully researched ingredients that are made from high-quality natural substances. She and the company takes the health of the environment seriously and it is all reflected in the quality of goods they are producing and selling.

What does the Pump Hair Care offer?

Pump Hair Care offers different hair products–shampoos, conditioners, eyelash growers, treatments for oily and itchy scalp, products for anti-frizz, volume, and thickness, and so on. The company sells these products to individuals, salons, and other companies focusing on hair and treatments. If you are a salon, you can get approved by the company and you’ll be able to access all the products of the company at wholesale prices. You will also get a promotional material for your business. Another extra service it can provide in online marketing through its social media account. Once you got approved, the photo of your salon will be posted on their social media platforms.

Pump Hair Care Products At Nicole Hudson Hair Salon

Nicole Hudson is proud to be a stockist of the pump hair care range that can be found at beauty and hair salon in Cronulla, Sydney. Visit her in store now for free hair advice and the great pump range of hair products.

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