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Stress And Your Hair!

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Stress And Your Hair!

Many people are told not to worry or get stressed out because of a problem they face, because their hair may fall out. Though most people will not believe it, people who want healthy and thick hair wonder whether this is factually correct, so that they can make lifestyle changes accordingly. Experts who have studied the correlation between stress and hair loss believe that there are grounds linking hair loss and health with stress levels. Hence some information on hair stress and the right way to prevent it, especially if it is caused by stress –

Factors affecting hair loss

While everyone is losing some hair daily, sometimes people find that they are losing hair in clumps. Every person should be aware that there are many factors which can lead to hair loss. While hereditary factors, and nutrition are the main factors which cause hair loss, some environmental factors like pollution can also increase the hair loss. The overall health of the individual which includes the stress levels of the person affect the hair health. Additionally medical treatment like chemotherapy or some medicines can lead to hair loss.

Causes of stress

For dealing with stress effectively, it is important to identify some of the main causes of stress. Often financial problems can lead to stress, especially if the person does not have enough money to pay the regular expenses. Lack of free time to relax and reduce stress levels is also a major cause of stress. Harassment by a powerful official or politician can increase stress levels, especially if a person is falsely accused. Traveling long distances or relocating to a new place is stressful. Having a chronic ailment which is painful and cannot be cured, being a victim of financial fraud is also a major cause of stress. While housewives are usually paid by their husbands for the cooking, housekeeping and other work which they do, single women have to work to make money and also manage their home, doing all the household chores and are under greater stress.

Hair loss types

There are different types of hair loss. If the woman is losing her hair in patches, the condition is called Alopecia Areata. Though this is mainly caused by genetic reasons, extremely high levels of stress can trigger this condition. Using 80 to 90% of the hair follicles in the head are growing normally, while 10-20% are in the resting phases. In case of severe stress the hair growth cycle is disrupted and the hair will start falling out in clumps, while combing or washing the hair. This condition is called telogen effluvium, and research indicates that it is mainly triggered by high stress levels .


To prevent hair loss, it is important to relax and reduce the stress levels to the extent possible. However, for this a person should have some amount of free time. Many people who are facing financial problems have to work very long hours, due to which they do not have any free time at all to relax. So many people who have a hectic schedule should learn to manage their time more effectively, so that they have more free time when they can relax. A woman should find out the activities which she enjoys, and make some time daily for these activities to reduce stress. Exercising regularly can also help in reducing stress. Listening to music, watching movies, and other entertainment, spending time with friends is also a very effective way to alleviate stress.

Improving nutrition

Though stress is one reason, lack of proper nutrition can also lead to hair loss. People who do not have enough money and time, usually also lack the time to cook nutritious meals for themselves. So a person who is facing hair loss problems should improve their diet so that it has plenty of fruits, vegetables, protein rich foods and drink enough water daily. If required, a mineral or vitamin supplement should be taken daily so that the person has enough nutrients

Taking care of hair

Handling the hair properly can reduce hair loss to some extent. Brushing hair when wet will lead to hair loss. So if a woman wishes to brush her hair after washing it or taking a shower, she should wait till it is damp. She should then gently brush the hair, after divided it into sections.  Visit Nicole Hudson hair salon to find out all the secrets of having stress free hair.

Here we have discussed psychological issues and stress that can affect your hair but there are also environmental ones as well.  Staying out too long in the sun can cause your hair to dry and be stressed, using chemical products in your hair rather than natural, even spending too much time in smoky areas or drinking too much alcohol can stress your hair.   Always be mindful that the natural lustre of your hair is effected by environment and lifestyle choices.

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