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Styling Tips Every Woman Should Know – Step Up Your Game!

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Styling Tips Every Woman Should Know – Step Up Your Game!

Every woman wants to look as beautiful and pretty as they truly are, but dressing up can take few skills to master. If you have been looking for some tips to revamp your fashion game and look “” every time, then you are just in the right place. We have the best styling tips that will revolutionize your fashion game in just a few simple steps! Whether you are out in the city for drinks or headed to work, or simply on vacation in the countryside, our styling tips will make you look chic and sassy anywhere and everywhere! Let’s get started!


  1. Start Organizing your Wardrobe


Editing and organizing your wardrobe is the initial step to get things started. It is normal for people to have messy and unorganized closet space (I’m part of the clan, too!). Begin to declutter your wardrobe and organize properly into categories of skirts, jeans, jackets, tops, dresses, etc. if you have ample space, try to hang your garments; otherwise, fold them. Folding helps to keep things clean and tidy. Most importantly, discard those clothes that you don’t love and will not end up wearing. It is often helpful to get rid of unwanted old stuff. Get shoe racks to put away your shoes and jewelry organizers to keep your jewelry pieces neatly and safely.


  1. Get A Good Tailor


The perfect fit of a fashionable dress or jeans is what elevates your entire style. Whether a dress needs to be taken in or denim that needs to be hemmed, the work of a good tailor will make your outfit look designer. Nothing beats the beauty of good fitting denim or a dress. You can also get your father’s old baggy coats fitted and some new fancy buttons to transform the entire look. And voila! Now you have a vintage-inspired coat/blazer for semi-formal events.


  1. Create a Well-Balanced Outfit

The most common mistake we make while creating our outfits is that we fail to balance the top and bottom. A perfectly balanced outfit is a successful one, and it’s essential to see whether your top and bottoms complement each other. If you are going for baggy jeans or a skirt, then pair it with a cropped fitted top. Or, if you are wearing a loose shirt, then go for fitted high-waisted jeans to complement the entire look.


  1. Embrace Your Body Shape


It often happens that women don’t know about their body shape, and they don’t shop accordingly. It is important that you look into what will suit the best to your body shape and you’ll instantly feel confident and beautiful in clothes that suit your body shape.


Apple-shaped Body: curvy with a less-defined waist. Also known as round or circle-shaped.


Pear-shaped Body: broader hips and narrow shoulders. Also known as triangular-shaped.


Hourglass Body: balanced shoulder and hips with a defined waist.


Inverted Triangle Body: broader shoulders and narrow hips.


Rectangle Body: four measurements (shoulders, chest, waist, and hips) are uniform.


  1. Incorporate Patterns


If you are someone who follows the same dressing style for years, then it’s time to bring some change! Try to add patterns to your outfits. Prints add a touch of character and make you look playful and friendly. If you have always stuck to solid block-colored clothes, some checks, stripes, chevron, florals, and many more patterns will add life to your styling game. Try to subtly affect your overpowering patterns by using solid colored accents like a hat or a jacket. Do remember to choose your designs wisely. If you’re short and petite, go for vertical stripes. If you are a chubby lady, opt for chevrons.


  1. Create your Color Palate


Have you ever wondered that some colors make your complexion glow and it looks great on you? Well, your skin tone has a lot to do with how you look. It’s wise to go for cool tones like greens, blue, grey, and black if you have a cool complexion. If your skin has warm undertones, stock your wardrobe with warm colors like yellow, red, brown, gold, etc.


  1. Level Up with a Scarf


To step up a casual outfit in an instant, you can add a scarf and boom! Now you look sassy and girly. Tie a scarf around your neck or use it to accessorize your everyday purse. And this is the most stylish tip you could do easily. If you’re out and about wearing a casual tee and shorts, just add a bandana on your head, and voila! This is the prettiest casual outfit ever.


  1. Layering is the Key


Layering can transform your outfit from casual to dressed up. It’s important to learn when you’re going overboard with it, but it is the most crucial element of designing your outfits. Add a plain white tee under your flowy dress for the countryside vibes. Or you could add a graphic tee under a jacket to give an edgy pizzazz look. It’s totally up to you, whatever suits your style and speaks to you!


  1. A White Shirt is Mandatory


There are countless ways of dressing up with a white button-down shirt. It pairs up with almost everything; distressed jeans, skirts, shorts, and everything.


  1. Add Accessories


Accessories help you in completing a finished outfit. Go for minimalistic jewelry like simple earrings and solid rings for a more sophisticated look. If you want to carry an edgy and funky look, you can add layers of necklaces and chokers, and a stack of bracelets. Use accessories to radiate your vibes and personality!


Wrapping things up, these are only tips that will help you style and bring the best in you. But remember, you are beautiful and strong the way you are, and dressing up accordingly will make you feel prettier and elegant. You do what’s best for you. Yo

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