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It’s All About The Curls!

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It’s All About The Curls!

For those that love hair rollers we can do better to make them work better and, above all, to make them last.  And for a perfect curl you don’t need to spend that much money doing it at home although if you are going out it is always advisable to see a hairstylist.  With these simple tips and tricks you will notice the improvement.

Apply hair conditioner correctly

We don’t usually spend a lot of time applying conditioner, not knowing that if we do it strategically, it can make a huge difference to our hair.  To get your curls really going you have to apply conditioner all over your hair, from the roots to the ends and let it sit in and permeate the hair.

Finger twist strands of hair

This simple trick works, especially if you’ve applied hair conditioner well. Before your hair dries, grab a strand and twist it with your finger, when the curl remains when you release your finger move onto the next strand. Keep doing this until you have curled all the hair you want.

Sleep with your hair up

If you sleep with your hair down during the night, any trace of your curlers work will be undone. You can do a simple un-combed bob before you go to sleep. That way when you wake up you can get the curls back with water.  But sleep with your hair up and it may solve any problems.

These tricks will enhance the effect of curling foams used to create curls, your perfect curl will last longer!

Use a microfiber towel to dry your hair

Drying your hair with a cotton towel will remove any natural curl that may form. To preserve the natural curls the best thing you can do is use a microfiber towel.

Moisturize the ends

Keeping the tips moisturized will help you have a perfect curl. First you have to pass warm water on the tips and then massage them with coconut oil or some other conditioner.  Sometimes your hair can be difficult to curl hair but it’s all a matter of knowing how to master it and find the keys to show your curls off in the best way. It’s in the day to day where we can get our curly hair to become a hair that everyone wants to imitate. How? By following the right guidelines.

First of all, it is important to know the style of curl you have: afro, straight, wavy style, coily or kinky … Once we have this clear, we must choose the ideal shampoo for your hair and curl type, that will be key to maintain the essence of your hair. If we choose a product that is not specific for your curls we can “break” the hair without realizing it and the result will be disastrous.

How to comb curly hair?

This is one of the most expensive parts, in terms of time, for those with long curly hair. The key is to do it while the hair is still wet, so as not to break the hair or straighten the curl, and to choose the right comb to use.  There are two options: those with very defined curls should choose wide spiked combs and delicately untangle their hair little by little; on the other hand we find those with curly hair with waves or with a more natural wavy style, they may find it easier to use a detangling curling comb.  There are a wide variety of brushes that are available to detangle curly hair and one of my favorites is a wet brush.

The diffuser is the ally for curly hair

To dry curly hair we must be careful and the best option is to do it with a hair dryer (and diffuser, of course) at a small distance from the hair. It’s also key to use it at a medium temperature to avoid damage and the well-known frizz.  After washing and drying, it is usual to apply curling foam or some kind of mousse to help shape your curls. For those women with little volume, the best option is to do it with the head down to create a greater effect, and always applying product little by little and spreading it around all the hair.  You can always ad more if required.

It’s essential that when choosing this type of product we make sure that we use foams that don’t have alcohol in them. Why? To avoid drying out and leaving hair brittle.  Before lying down on our hair for sleep or just resting, we should bear in mind the many hours you can loose if you get “flattened” hair that will affect both the shape and definition of our curls. There are several options to avoid this: use a satin pillowcase (it’s the ideal fabric) or cover your hair completely with a nightcap or a simple bandanna, this way you will be able to maintain the perfect curl from the root to the tip. Easy, isn’t it?

It is well known that the days after washing your hair it will not stay in the same state. Pollution, constant exposure to technological devices or simply stress mean that the curls don’t look as perfect as we’d like, so we have to refresh them and give them new life. This is even more pronounced in curly hair that tends to dry out.  To do this apply natural oils or sprays (especially on the ends) that give, again, the shape and definition we need to feel that our hair looks perfect.

Hope these tips help you and you can always visit me to get your hair curls done professionally at m hair and beauty salon – Nicole Hudson.

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