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10 Quick Make-Up Tips Nicole Hudson Professionals Want You to Know

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10 Quick Make-Up Tips Nicole Hudson Professionals Want You to Know

Have you ever tried to copycat a professional make-up look at home and only have it turn into an epic fail? Yeah, it is a common problem. That’s why we are coming to the rescue with these 10 quick make-up tips that Nicole Hudson bee beautiful by Jo a make up professional want you to know, when doing make-up at home. REMEMBER though you will never get the expert results as those given in Nicole Hudson hair and beauty salon all treatments promoting healthy hair with body safe beauty products.

10 Quick Make-Up Tips

Make-up Tip #1: Have a Skin Prep Routine

This is maybe a basic piece of advice but you would be surprised at how many women leave good skin care habits out of their routine. However, it is important to include certain care methods because keeping your skin in good condition has a direct effect on how your make-up looks after applying it. As far as professionals are concerned these few tasks are no-compromise habits:

twice a day cleansing with a gentle cleanser.daily moisturizing with a non-pore clogging moisturizer.1-3 times weekly exfoliating depending on your skin.use sunscreen.

Make-Up Tip #2: Top Layer of Moisturizer

Apply a small amount of moisturizer on top of your foundation to get a glowing look. There are even moisturizers with a bit of a shimmer to help beat a dull skin tone.

Make-Up Tip #3: Use An Eye Make-Up Primer

If you have ever had the problem of your eye shadow or liner wearing off throughout the day perhaps you need to first apply a primer. It’s helps your eye make-up stay in place and last longer. Another tip is to apply your eye make-up first. This prevents any eye shadow fallout from ruining your foundation job.

Make-Up Tip #4: Apply Blush Before Foundation

To get a natural and beautifully flushed look apply a bright cream blush before putting on your tinted moisturizer or foundation. It’s easy to blend and leaves your skin radiant.

Make-Up Tip #5: Orange Tint is Best for Dark Circles

No matter how dark your under eye circles are an orange or peach tinted concealer is the best choice to cancel out the purplish tone of those nasty little side effects of age and exhaustion. You can apply your concealer with your finger or a brush and in a triangular shape. Once applied you can set it with a dusting of powder. This helps to avoid creases and gives your under eye area a smooth look.

Make-Up Tip #6: How to Pick a Lipstick Shade

When testing the shade of a lipstick against your skin you should swipe it on the inside of your finger rather than the back of your hand. The color of your finger is close to the tint of your lips so its a great option if you can’t apply it directly to your lips to test. Also, if you are unsure of what shade will look good with your skin tone peel down your lip to reveal the inside skin color. Choose a lipstick shade that is lighter or darker than that but still in the same shade family.

Make-Up Tip #7: Match Your Lip Liner

When applying lip liner, use one that matches your lip color. The point of lip liner is to define your lip line, prevent your lipstick from bleeding, and give your lips a fuller look. Unless you want your lips to have a dark outline when your lipstick starts to wear off be sure to find a color that blends into the natural tone of your lips. Your lipstick will then be applied over it.

Make-Up Tip #8: A Little Foundation Goes a Long Way

You don’t want to be that woman walking around with a thick layer of foundation caked on your face. Instead, go for a more natural look by using just enough foundation to blend in any imperfections and even out your skin tone. To do this place a dot of foundation on both cheeks, your chin, and your forehead. Then use your make-up brush to blend, starting from the inside out. For a lighter layer or during the winter months when the air is more drying you can add a dollop of foundation to your moisturizer instead and still have a healthy, even tone.

Make-Up Tip # 9: Try a Translucent Powder

It is important to set your foundation and the way to do that is by dusting on a thin layer of powder. The best powder to use that will prevent a flat matte finish is a translucent powder. You can apply it in a “W” motion starting at the upper hairline on one side. This will help your foundation hold and give your skin a natural glow.

Make-Up Tip #10: Watch YouTube

If you are unsure of how to apply a certain type of make-up the correct way you can turn to YouTube that is abundant with hair and beauty tips. There are hundreds of tutorials from reputable make-up artists to help you get just the right look.

Wrapping Up

For the average woman it isn’t possible to have a professional make-up application on a daily basis – nor get the results of a studio by home application. However, these quick make-ups tips will make it much easier to look and feel like you did. Get all your hair and make-up needs at the Nicole Hudson hair salon spa.

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