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Tips to have your make up last all day

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makeup tips

Tips to have your make up last all day

The biggest challenge is not to make beautiful makeup, but keep the makeup intact for hours. Sweat and oily skin make you touch up a little throughout the day, especially when the eyeliner starts to smudge or the base melts. You can achieve the expected result of an intact makeup for hours to get rid of this problem once and for all. Below are a few makeup tips.

Before makeup, wash your face with cold water.

It is essential to clean the face before applying makeup thoroughly. Start by removing all impurities with makeup wipes and then wash your face with cold water and face soap. Dry the skin well by lightly patting the towel. No rubbing it against your face. The practice can make the face irritated and full of welts.

Do not forget to apply the tonic.

Choose a tonic suitable for your skin type: oily, mixed, or dry. The product is intended to moisturize and protect the facial skin throughout the day. A good option is to choose tonics that have a sun protection factor, so you do not get lost when passing so many products.

Holy Primer.

Before you start makeup, you cannot stop ironing the primer. The cream helps to fix the makeup better and make it last much longer. When choosing, there are several options, so know well what effect you are looking for: reduce oiliness or close the pores. Apply the product all over the face, but especially in the (forehead, nose, and chin), areas that usually tend to be oilier.

Contour Baking.

This technique consists of letting the powder loose over the makeup, making your makeup have a perfect finish, free of open pores, folds, marks, or accumulations of products. In darker tones, the powder can help to sharpen and brighten the taste, defining strengths like the cheekbone. The technique is quite simple: apply the concealer on and below the eyes, apply the right amount of compact powder using a brush or sponge. Let the product act for 10 minutes. Then remove excess dust with a brush and continue with the makeup normally. Repeat the technique on other regions of the face, such as nose and chin.

Make the lipstick base with a pencil.

To make the color last even longer, use an eyeliner before applying the lipstick, always remembering to see that both have the same shade. No more just contouring: use the pencil to fill the lips completely. This is the correct way to use the product and the way to make a good makeup for everyday life and special occasions. After making the foundation, wipe the lipstick, remove the excess with a tissue.

Choose the right products.

In the heat, it is best to choose oil-free bases and concealers. Stick models are a good choice, as besides not clogging the pores, they avoid that uncomfortable sensation of “melting” the skin. Translucent powders, if applied to the T zone, give the area an opaque appearance, preventing your makeup from dissolving throughout the day. Also, avoid creamy blushes and shadows as they tend to accumulate on the lines of the face. Bet on waterproof products that do not blur even with perspiration or excess skin oils.

Increased eye care.

The eyelids are also generally very oily areas of the face, so shadows tend to accumulate on the folds, especially in the heat. For your makeup to last for hours, apply a specific eye area primer. Just a thin layer before using the shadows, and you’re done! You will have well-made-up eyes for much longer.

Healthy appearance with Illuminators.

To create that natural glow effect, apply illuminator (preferably powder) to high cheekbones, nose tip, and chin.

Finish your makeup with a fixative spray.

Before leaving the house, be sure to apply a fixative spray all over your face. In the market, you can find several options, local and imported, and all guarantee the same effect: fix the make and make your makeup last much longer. These tips are straightforward and easy to follow and will help ensure a good result, helping the makeup last all day, but without regret. It is important to remember that the hygiene of makeup utensils such as brushes and sponges is essential, and it is recommended you regularly wash and disinfect these accessories to eliminate waste and bacteria.

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