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Nicole Hudson specializes in take home hair-care to help you manage and maintain healthy hair in between salon visits. Olaplex and Bhave are two favourites now available in our Cronulla hair and beauty salon

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Bhave Hair Care Products – An Ethical Vision!

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Bhave Hair Care Products – An Ethical Vision!

bhave is an Australian brand committed to ethical hair health and high standards for haircare. Their not-so-secret ingredient comes from sheep in New Zealand – more specifically, the processing of wool into bioactive keratin. Keratin is the protein found naturally in your hair, and the ingredient they’ve isolated keeps it intact, along with its associated amino acids. Most hair products use hydrolyzed keratin, which, sorry to tell you, is extracted from animal hooves and ears.

Bioactive keratin was originally developed by scientists to heal wounds and severe burns. It helps repair the damage to your hair’s internal structure, rebuilding it from the inside out. If you’ve fried your hair with highlights or chemical straightening, your hair is not beyond repair – it just needs the right products to reverse the damage.

Shampoos & Conditioners

bhave products offer in-shower products specifically designed for each hair type. Their hydration line targets course, normal, dry, and difficult to manage hair. If you have fine, limp hair or oily hair and scalp, their magnify shampoo & conditioner is designed to take volume to the next level. bhave’s nourishing line is perfect for those who crave extra moisture and hydration.

If you’re desperate for damage control, go with the intense repair line, trust us. bhave won the Natural Beauty Award in 2017 for this shampoo & conditioner. If you find yourself self-consciously peering into the mirror at your dull, brassy blonde locks, they’ve got a line for that too. For those who suffer from an uncomfortable and sensitive scalp, bhave’s scalp shampoo & conditioner is the right way to go.

Accessories & Gifts

As Christmas comes around, bhave has great products to gift your friends and loved ones. Their shampoos, conditioners, and styling products are condensed into mini-bottles, making them cute stocking stuffers.

If only any old brush would work with our hair. bhave has a vent brush that is heat resistant and minimizes drying time, while their wide tooth comb glides effortlessly through wet and dry hair. We all know the awkward situation of sectioning off hair while blow drying, and bhave’s alligator clips solve this problem.

Styling Products

Everyone’s goal is to have shiny and silky hair, right? bhave designed an anti-frizz creme for all hair types. Their leave-in conditioning creme targets coarse, normal, dry, and difficult to manage hair. Curl and frizz management doesn’t end with the shower. Their curl creme transforms your hair from unruly to manageable after you towel dry. If you’ve got really curly hair, bhave’s curl defining creme takes things to the next level.

Say you’re playing with your hair, and cringe when you see your split ends. You’re not alone. bhave’s fresh ends offers control of those split ends, and even better, reverses the damage. For those who want to boost volume and texture, their gunpowder dust products gives you that “just out of bed look” that will knock ’em dead. If foam is more your thing, their volumising foam provides medium flexible hold for all hair types, designed for blow-drying and scrunch drying.

A spray product often works better for thicker hair, and bhave’s tease me volumising texture shake provides hold for blowdrys and absorbs excess oil. If you want to control frizz and enhance shine, bhave’s riot control oil transforms brittle hair into smooth, lustrous locks. Super nova multi-purpose super spray is bhave’s leave-in elixir that detangles, moisturizes, prevents frizz, and balances the scalp. Plus, it helps protect coloured hair from harmful UV rays.

Some of us need heavy-duty products to achieve the style we want. bhave’s styling paste gives you a slick and professional look while still maintaining movement and hold. Their pomade is suitable for men and women, adding definition to any style or hair length. Even better, its red clover extract helps fight hair loss.

Signature Therapies

It can be overwhelming trying to choose the right products for you. bhave walks you through finding out whether you would benefit more from their smoothing therapy or rescue therapy for your visit to the salon. On their site, bhave goes through what to expect with keratin therapy, and how to properly care for your hair after the treatment to ensure best results. Keratin therapy reduces frizz and cuts down on styling time, with results lasting up to 4 months.

bhave blog

There is so much to know about hair, and the founder of bhave talks about all aspects of haircare on their blog. From how to craft a sleek pony or a twist pony, the half up half down do, current hair trends, to busting hair myths. They have hairstyle suggestions for the holidays, music festivals, Friday nights out, and more. They share secrets of the hair industry, fun hair tricks, and give real talk about hair loss (that thing no one wants to talk about).

Did you know that salt water, while it provides a tousled beachy look, is bad for your hair? Do you know the effects of parabens and sulphates on your hair? Have you ever wondered which celebrities have the best hair? There is much more to learn on bhave’s blog!

Founders of bhave

Sheryl and Michelle, founders of bhave, have intimate experience with frizzy hair, and the tug-of-war involved in taming your mane. As Auzzies, they’ve dealt with disobedient hair in a hot climate. Michelle and Sheryl test out company products chosen by Neil, a stylist with 30 year’s worth of experience and product knowledge. The founders of bhave are happy to be guinea pigs for their products, and their message to you is: “we’d never put anything in your hair that we wouldn’t happily put in yours.”

How to Order Products

bhave is available through Nicole Hudson hair care products Australia. Reach out to through Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. Use the hashtag #nicolehudson #nicolehudsonhair #nicolehudsonshop #bhave and #bhavehair and become a part of the global hair community! They also bring out a range of accessories and gifts perfect for xmas, anniversaries and birthdays.

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