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Simple Ways To Make Your Hair Grow FAST

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Hair Growth Fast

Simple Ways To Make Your Hair Grow FAST

Make Your Hair Grow – Some women are just born with the ability to grow incredibly long, beautiful hair. For the rest of us, those long lovely locks are nothing more than a dream. If you want to turn your dream of long, strong, shiny hair into a reality, it’s time to help nature along and take matters into your own hands. Check out these easy tips from Nicole Hudson to help make your hair grow faster.

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Get a Trim

It might be scary to trim off hair length when you are desperately trying to grow it longer, but trimming is actually an effective way to help your locks grow longer and faster. Why? Over time, hair gets damaged and the ends split. You should trim those split ends off your hair so that the split doesn’t continue up your hair strands. If left untrimmed, split ends will ultimately make your hair thin and break-off completely. Broken-off hair not only makes you lose length, but it also makes it look dull and unhealthy, so sharpen those sheers and get a trim.

Go Natural

If you want your hair to grow, pamper and protect your lovely locks. Bleaching or coloring your hair can do a lot of damage, so avoid these types of treatment. If you feel that you must color your hair, choose to go darker than lighter. Bleach is very harmful to your hair and will result in more breakage. Hot irons and heated styling tools are also damaging. If you have to use these tools, be sure to use a heat protector on your hair to minimize damage. It’s best to go with a natural look while you are trying to grow out your hair and avoid any damaging treatments. Even hair elastics can do damage to your hair. When you can, try to avoid any styling beyond a gentle brushing.

Brush-up on Brushes

The type of brush you use can have a big impact on your overall hair health. Choose a boar bristle brush or one with round plastic prongs. These brushes will be the most gentle on your hair. Knowing how to brush properly is almost as important as the tool you use. Brush from your scalp down to distribute your hair’s natural oil down the shafts and to the ends. But if you have tangles, it is best to start on the end and slowly work your way up the hair to minimize breakage. And don’t brush wet hair. Wet hair can easily stretch and snap, causing breakage. Try to remember to brush your hair before you get into the shower.

Eat Your Way to Healthy Hair

Taking care of the outside of your hair is very important, but so is eating right. Eat a protein-rich diet to help your hair grow long and beautiful. Protein-rich foods include fish, nuts and whole grains. If you are a vegetarian, it might be more difficult to find foods that promote hair health. Consider eggs as an alternate way to get more protein into your diet. Try to maintain a healthy diet, not just for hair health, but for your overall health. Berries are also a good food to eat when growing out your hair. They are loaded with vitamins that promote hair growth. Also consider adding avocados, sweet potatoes and spinach to your diet. Green leafy foods are a good source of iron and can help prevent iron deficiency, which can cause hair to thin.

Add a Vitamin to Your Routine

Eating healthy is important, but you may still need to add a vitamin to your daily routine. There are vitamins that are specially formulated to promote hair health. Talk with your doctor to find the best vitamins for your body. Biotin and both the C and B vitamins are important for hair health.

Choose the Right Pillowcase

Believe it or not, the right pillowcase can do wonders to help prevent tangles and breakage. Most hair care professionals recommend sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Silk’s smooth surface helps keep hair from being damaged when you toss and turn and lay on your hair while you sleep. No-one wants the surf beaten look that some Cronulla hair has.

Be Wise in Your Daily Routine

It’s good to be clean, but your daily hygiene ritual may be damaging your hair. It’s best to only shampoo your hair two to three times per week. This allows your hair to generate its own natural oils which helps to hydrate and repair your hair. When you do shower, don’t use hot water. This can cause your hair to become dry and can also damage your scalp. Try to use a shampoo with natural ingredients. To dry your hair, do not twist and wrap your hair in a towel. Instead, use a microfiber cloth or cotton t-shirt to dry your hair. Or better yet, just allow your hair to dry naturally.

Make Your Hair Grow

A healthy body is necessary for healthy hair. Be careful of what you put on your hair and in your mouth to promote hair growth. And be sure to avoid habits that are harmful to your hair. Getting the right hair care products is very important and Nicole Hudson’s hair care is second to none.

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