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Boot Camp For Oily Hair

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Boot Camp For Oily Hair

Taking care of your hair problems on a long weekend is the best way of spending quality time with yourself. The three-day boot camp will promise you healthier hair by following a simple at-home routine to transform your dull, oily hair into lustrous shiny hair.   If even dry shampoo cannot resolve an oily scalp issue, this specialized three-day treatment will systematically reduce oil production and provide hair growth and volume to your limp, fine hair.


Let us work out from day one with clear objectives in our mind as follows:


Day 1objectives


  • detox oily scalp


  • reduce oil production


Type of haircare products


  • a thickening shampoo


  • revitalising conditioner


  • scalp revival treatment


Method Cleaning


The ideal way to start is to start clean. If we begin with nourishing products on the very first day, they will not reach your scalp at this stage. We need to shampoo and condition the hair with a thickening formula to clean the scalp and hair. The cleaning with thickening solutions will ensure that you don’t lose your natural oils and get visible strength in your hair texture.


Detox with scalp revival treatment


The next step is to detox your scalp to remove the buildup by using scalp revival treatment. Its witch hazel water formula will reduce oil production to an average level. The biotin, at the same time, will ensure the healthy growth of your hair. A dual strategy of development, coupled with reduced oil production, will provide a strong foundation for further care of your hair in the following days.


Day 2objectives


  • to stimulate the growth of hair


  • thicken hair for a healthy appearance


Type of haircare products


  • dry shampoo


  • silk scrunchie


  • castor oil


Method Dry shampoo


It is futile to wash your oily hair every day to get rid of excess oil. What about training our hair to add days between washes by using dry shampoo? It means you will not feel like shampooing your hair every day. The right kind of dry shampoo is going to do the trick. It will absorb excess oil accumulated at the roots.


Put up your hair


Now you need to put up your hair to reduce hair breakage. A silk scrunchie will do the job and will look lovely on your hair. If you have more hair, you may like to choose a medium or large scrunchie. It would help if you continued to put up your hair on day two until you wash your hair the next day.


Castor oil on the hairline


At this point, apply some castor oil along your hairline. The castor oil will hydrate your hair and nourish the hair follicles resulting in healthier and thicker hair. The omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids present in the castor oil will ensure excellent nourishment to your fine hair.


Day 3objectives


  • strengthen hair


  • nourish them to avoid hair fallout


Type of haircare products


  • nourishing hair oil


  • a silk pillowcase


Methodflexibility for another day


To end this boot camp with flying colors, let us make it an intense day by reinforcing the strength and nourishment achieved so far. The idea is to consolidate our gains in the first two days and get the maximum mileage from the last day. If you have an extra day, we suggest you wait for the fourth day to wash your hair. But if you don’t have the luxury of time and cannot afford to extend it by another day, three days will also be good enough. The flexibility of the fourth day in this boot camp may provide some additional benefits.


Massage with nourishing oil


Welcome to the final day. Use the nourishing hair oil to massage your scalp in circular motions. This massage will stimulate hair growth. You can leave them overnight, but doing so an hour before your shower will provide most of the benefits.


A silk pillowcase


Finally, before going to bed, instead of a cotton pillow, go for a silk pillowcase this time. Silk pillowcase reduces the friction of hair to a large extent. You can easily avoid tangles or pulls during night time. But use a shower cap or some cover if you plan to use the oil treatment overnight.


In nutshell


Such a boot camp is a sure-fire way of rejuvenating your scalp and normalize oil production. Using quality products of reputed brands and following the routine with a relaxed mind is desirable.


The boot camp requires time and care to get rid of oily hair. You should repeat this three-day procedure as per your requirements, and your hair is going to thank you for that.  If you wish some professional advice on your oily hair difficulties visit Nicole Hudson hairdresser at her Cronulla salon.

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