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8 Tips To Fix Bad Hair Days 2020!

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8 Tips To Fix Bad Hair Days 2020!

We all have been through a bad hair day. They tend to hit us at the worst time like, before an interview, a date, or even work. We try everything to avoid them by jumping back into the shower or spending hours with the hair straightener. In such a situation we usually start to panic, cry, stress out, and some of us even consider this bad luck. This can affect our performance at work, ruin our date, or even ruin our confidence for the day.

If you are currently facing such a situation then do the following, take a deep breath, stop looking at the bathroom or bedroom mirror and get your self some breakfast or grab another cup of coffee. If you haven’t done your makeup go and get that done first. At times it can get stressful if you have “things to do” plied up like makeup. So, to abate the stress storm it’s better to get a few things done so that you can feel accomplished, and then getting your hair done will become a simple task for you.

Now, grab your dry shampoo and let’s get started, following are the 8 methods that you can use if you are having a bad hair day.


You can change your part, take it to the middle, side or the opposite side, anything other than your usual style. Once you have decided on a part, put some dry shampoo, and start using your blow dryer on low speed. Use the blow dryer to direct your hair into the new direction. You can even use a hair hold spray; this spray is not going to let your new part budge from its place.


You can use dry shampoo before going to bed. This is going to prevent your hair from getting greasy when you wake up and it also boosts the volume of your hair.


So what if your hair is a mess, why not take advantage of it. Use your dry shampoo and spray it throughout your hair just enough to get rid of the oil. This will add volume and texture to your messy hair, it will also hold any messy style you decide on. You can decide on a lower bun if you are headed to work, a messy braid for an evening dinner or a top knot if you are heading out with friends.


If you are headed to the gym, apply a hair mask before your workout session. Once you apply the mask go ahead and either wrap your hair to make a bun or braid your hair. During your workout, the heat from your body will aid the ingredients to penetrate. Once you are done with your workout and shower, you are going to have manageable and extra silky hair.


If your hair ranges from medium to fine texture, you can swap the order of the conditioner and shampoo: use the conditioner first and then shampoo. This will remove any excess oil that might be weighing your hair down. Making your hair look full of volume and bouncy.


You can always wear a ponytail. Don’t have the time for anything else just make a ponytail and you are good to go. Ponytail styles are versatile, and you can wear them for any occasion. Off to work, wear a classy and slick ponytail. Going out with friends, try wearing a messy-high ponytail.


If you just got out of bed and had a moment to look in the mirror, you might wonder what to do with your hair that looks like you got electrocuted. Well, why not braid the mess. Braids are fast and easy to make, and they look good if your hair is a mess.


If your hair is really oily, you can use the dry shampoo to absorb the oil from your hair. Just lift your hair and lightly spray. Give it a minute or two and then brush outwards. Your hair will look fresh and you can style it however you like.

So, there you have it. Never again will you have to worry about a bad hair day. Just remember not to stress out because stressing out tends to block our minds from finding a solution. So the more calm and content you are, the faster you will be able to find a style or method to get the hairstyle you want.


Of course if you want perfect hair come visit Nicole at her hair and beauty salon in Cronulla.

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