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Eco Tan 100% Aussie Made Vegan

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Eco Tan Australia

Eco Tan 100% Aussie Made Vegan

Skincare products are all over the internet today – so many to choose – where does one start. There are online businesses and companies that sell products made out of synthetic ingredients and toxic chemicals to the hair, body, and skin product market. But, since there are people who experience allergies and bad side effects from using these types of products, they demand a more natural and organic way to care for and enhance their physical appearance. This idea is used by some businesses to produce ethical and eco-friendly goods that won’t harm your skin or your hair. One of the companies that made fits that bill is Eco Tan Australia. To know more about this company, here’s how it started.

How did Eco Tan Australia start?

The story of Sonya Driver is a good journey to follow. 8 years before Eco Tan was founded, Sonya was a sister, a wife, and a mother. She thought highly of self-worth and the environment while living the best life she could at the time. She and her husband bought land near a beach where they could construct the house of their dreams. She also retired from being an international flight attendant to take care of the kids full time.

But life didn’t pan out for Sonya the way she dreamed at that time. Her world turned upside down when her husband left her to take care of their girls on her own. She felt abandoned at that time. She was unemployed and living in a low-quality home. She had to raise her kids alone. During that time, her sister had developed a cancerous melanoma. Although these were major challenges, Sonya did not stop or give up and she started a new life in the hopes of motivating her sister who was suffering and fighting the disease.

After her husband left her, she spent 2 weeks as a volunteer in East Timor. She rose from the ground up by doing charity works and embracing doing service for others. She fed the hungry and comforted the people who were sick. She took care of the elders. The time she spent with those people made her realize that she could look at her life from a different perspective – and was grateful for what she had and living in the lucky country of Australia.

She returned home to Australia to take care of and motivate her sister. They spent days pampering and tanning making her feel good. They experimented in the hope to get the tanned skin they wanted without having to go in the sun. They used tanning sprays to prevent the harmful effects of the UV rays when in the sun but they were bothered with the ingredients of the sprays they were using. Sonya started to research and study more about the ingredients. She searched for various brands and after discovering what the ingredients could do to their body, she decided to stop buying them and develop her own.

Sonya started to buy different natural ingredients like cacao, chamomile, and flower essence that she could mix together in her little kitchen. That was the start of her success journey. Eco Tan Australia was launched in 2011 and became the first-ever manufacturer of natural tanning spray in Australia. Her products were certified by the Organic Food Chain of the country.

Eco Tan Australia’s Mission

The mission of Eco Tan Australia is to provide organic products to customers while maintaining its sustainability. It is a company dedicated to producing products that are healthy for both customers and the environment. The products of this business are biodegradable and the ingredients are taken from the kind communities in Australia and carefully selected other regions of the world that are ethical. As part of its mission, Eco Tan Australia aims to protect the natural environment as much as possible by leaving a positive impact only. The company is practicing conversion to zero waste to make a greener and cleaner production. The bottles and other packaging it uses are 100% recyclable. It is increasing its use of Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials to make recycling possible in all aspects. The packaging may range from plastics to glasses, depending on the demands and needs.

Eco Tan Australia products

Eco Tan Australia offers products in different categories such as skin care, tanning, body care, sun care, gifts and packs, and professional sets. Some of the bestseller products of the company are cleansers, exfoliators, shampoos, conditioners, oils for face and body, tanning sprays and lotion, and body scrubs. You will discover more of its products on the website.

Eco Tan Australia products are Certified Organic by the Organic Food Chain Australia, Accredited Toxic Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia, vegetarian, and accredited by Choose Cruelty Free.

Nicole Hudson is proud to stock and use eco tan products in her hair and beauty salon as well as online store and supports ethical, organic and sustainable products and the businesses that produce them.

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