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Why Fake Tan is Better Than Real Tan

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Why Fake Tan is Better Than Real Tan

Tanned skin is considered fashionable, so many men and women spend many hours sunbathing to get tanned skin. To cater to this interest in tanned skin, there are a large number of services and products which are developed to help people get the perfect tan and it is often difficult to find out which is the best product for getting a tan. One of the most popular products for getting a tan, is fake tan which can be used through out the year. This product is available in different forms like shimmer, creme, mousse or spray. Some of the reasons why fake tan products are better than spending time to get a real tan are discussed below.

Safe alternative for the skin

Traditionally women had to spend many hours sunbathing to get a tanned look. Sunlight contains harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays which can cause long term damage to the skin. Some of the problems caused to UV exposure are wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, age spots, leathery skin. Though many women may find it strange to rub the liquid fake tan on the skin, the main advantage is that the woman will not have to spend hours in the sun. This will have benefits in the long and short term for the woman’s health and skin, since the sun exposure will also result in heating. A woman can achieve a sun-kissed look for her skin, by applying fake tan, while avoiding the skin damage.

Increasing confidence.

Having perfectly tanned skin can greatly increase the confidence of a woman, making her the envy of everyone who meets her. It will make any outfit she wears look better and will also make her feel confident to handle every situation. While traditional tanning by spending time outdoors does not guarantee a uniform tan, using the fake tan lotion gives the user more control over the tan shade and color. If the tan is not uniform, more tan can be applied to a particular area, to give a uniform look. Tanned skin complements white and light colored clothes.

Toned slim look

The main advantage of using a fake tan for many women is that she will look slimmer and appear to have a toned body. Just like dark colored clothes make women look slim, the tan will also have a similar effect, making her look thinner. Many women have not used the fake tan earlier and are not sure whether it will suit them or will have any side effect. In this case they can opt to use a gradual fake tan like a tan foam for their skin. This tan foam will highlight the features of your face, make you look slimmer, while ensuring that there is no drastic change in the appearance. Ultra dark tanning foams are also available which will highlight specific areas of the body like abs to define them clearly.

Customize the tanning shade

A woman has far greater control over the tan on her face and body when using a fake tan. There are large number of fake tans available in different colors, shades and tones to cater to the requirement of customers. So if a woman wants a light tan while doing her daily routine work, she can choose a light tan shade. For special events or parties, if she wishes to get a dark tan on her face, she can use a darker tan which will make her look slim, or apply multiple layers of the same tan to get the desired shade.


One of the main advantages of applying a Do it Yourself (DIY) fake tan is that it will save a lot of time and is very convenient. While the amount of time required for the tan to be effective will vary, there are some express tans available, which will only take two hours to alter the skin tone, giving it a bronzed look. The fake tan can be conveniently applied at home, when the user is doing some other work, like watching their favorite TV show. This is in contrast to traditional tanning, which is not possible in cloudy weather, when there is rainfall or snow. Additionally while tanning traditionally outdoors in sunny weather, the person usually cannot do any other work , so a lot of time is also wasted.


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