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Three Warriors Tanning Solutions Australia

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Three Warriors Tanning Solutions Australia

How Three Warriors Came About

Three Warriors is a product line that cares, bringing salon value organic, healthy fake tans, spray tanning solutions, face tan and dark tan scrubs to the world, without having to put in any toxic ingredients. With most of the components obtained from Hobart in Tasmania – Australia, Three Warriors is the only natural dark tan range that has curative benefits, and that can leave one tanned and feeling better from the inside out. The name ‘Three Warriors’ has a personal historical connection in the product development, the family of the Three Warriors CEO or the Originator Corbin Halliday lost his father when Corbin Halliday was only ten years. However, the Three Warrior CEO, together with his mother, moved on from the death of Corbin’s father but honoring his memory resulting in the term ‘Three Warriors.’

Corbin had to accept his lot and used the term ‘warrior’ as a mantra when he also was fighting against devastating and debilitating sickness.

In 2014, the Founder Corbin Halliday had agonizing intense regular migraines, high blood pressure, hives, mind fog, short-term memory damage, frequent anxiety, complete body nerve pain, and continuous, unsolved fatigue. After four years of interminable visits to doctors and experts and the never ending scans and assessments, the Corbin Halliday received a diagnoses of Prolonged Inflammatory Response Syndrome. This was as a result of a build-up of contaminants in the body, as well as very high levels of black mildew (Mycotoxin Poisoning)..

Prolonged Inflammatory Response Syndrome is an extended illness that can take numerous years to get well from, and the journey to recovery hasn’t been easy or comfortable. As an essential part of the restoration to health, the Three Warrior CEO decided to adjust his diet, sourcing the freshest organic foods and increasing water intake and cutting out altogether the every day crap we consume. The freshest organic foods and water have been the life-changing and significant change of the Founder Corbin Halliday, so ‘Three Warriors’ was the only choice when discovering the brand uniqueness. The sentiment behind Three Warrior is to pay courtesy to the body and take care of it by being educated about what one is placing on the skin. This allows users to make the change from other not so healthy options, before other health issues may arise from using other ‘non-organic’ products.

Three Warriors tanning solution models chooses to symbolize the historical ‘Three Warriors’, each who had their health journeys and have come out to be stronger and more dominant because of them. The Three Warriors’ purpose of showcasing their Tanning Solution has become a reality and the imagery is now over social media and advertising outlets.

The Product Lines the Three Warriors Has Created

The Three Warriors product line is for individuals who want to uphold a safe and natural-looking tan while allowing for the health of the skin. When obtaining the purest ingredients for the Three Warrior organic range, the Three Warriors CEO didn’t want to look further than their home, Tasmania. Nonetheless, every lone plant that is a component has decisively been chosen for its skin-beneficial properties. The Three Warriors is the first 100% organic tanning enterprise to give back for social and environmental change, with 10% of all sales donated to Wello Water a social enterprise enabling life-changing water projects to the world.

Rest assured this organic and allergy free range of tanning solutions is for both men and women, with all skin forms and skin qualities in mind. Straight from Mother Nature, Three Warriors is the solution for an organic and decently conscious tan that is as good as it looks. Tasmania has the ancient rain forests, the cleanest water arguably on the planet, lavish olive groves producing organic olives that are hand harvested into the utmost sustaining oil. The Three Warrior licensed organic Manuka and Leatherwood honey is obtained directly from Hobart and is intensely beneficial for dehydrated skin, eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis.

Besides, using the most beautiful natural components from the home state Tasmania, Three Warriors uses just the most beautiful natural, licensed organic plant-based and vegetable components obtained directly from Mother Nature. Significant components used in the tanning products include avocado lard, aloe vera, coconut, Tasmanian olive lard, Tasmanian manuka sugar, and Tasmanian mountain water. As ordinary and organic tan products, Three Warriors not only customs the uppermost quality natural ingredients. Three Warriors artificial tan doesn’t comprise their solution with toxic substances that can often appear in other tanning products. Only plant and vegetable derived constituents are contained in this 100% organic product.

Nicole Hudson hair and beauty salon in Cronulla is proud to stock the Three Warriors branded products available at her online store.. These products include

Three Warriors Eco Friendly Tranning Mitt

Three Warriors Face Tan Aqua Mist

Three Warriors Gradual Tan

Three Warriors Self Tanning Mousse

Three Warriors Spray Tan Solution

Three Warriors Tasmanian Sand Scrub

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