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Interview With David Paris COLURE Hair Care Range

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Colure vegan hair care

Interview With David Paris COLURE Hair Care Range

When David began formulating the COLURE brand in December 2005, he recognized that many vegan hair care products did not have the performance for color-treated hair. As you know, this type of hair exposed to chemicals and heat styling when compared to natural virgin hair; there is a significant difference. The goal was to formulate a complete line of vegan hair color care products that had the performance to restore dry, damaged hair instantly. At the same time, David realized that vegan consumers had strong ethics, and the components had to be non-toxic too.

Formulating a vegan product like this was an enormous hurdle.David Paris founded COLURE Hair Care in 2007, an American Entrepreneur, Beauty Industry Veteran who has successfully helped launch and develop some of the largest and most influential hair care companies in the industry. Early in his career, David worked side-by-side with some of the most respected leaders in the professional salon industry. This earlier career success has led him down the road to creating

“only the best of the best”

in luxury performance, vegan, organic salon products for his peers in the business. In this case, he has created what he calls ‘the most modern merge of colour and couture…thus David’s descriptive term, ‘COLURE.’

When creating the brand, David wanted to fulfill the needs of the hair colorist and their clients that had challenges with hair color fading in between salon visits. With that goal in mind, we formulated the first and only zero color fade technology that delivered superior results using only the finest vegan, organic and plant-derived ingredients. COLURE’s signature aromatics made of the finest essential oils, our organic aromatics embodies a tranquil, exquisite, fresh, and a pleasurable experience throughout the day.

Davids Mission statement to Hair Professionals is‘To offer hair color professionals and color-treated consumers everywhere, a luxury performance, vegan and organic hair color care product employing the most current proven ingredient technology. We are passionate about motivating and inspiring our loyal clients to enhance the qualify of life and business and those they have the privilege to touch.’

To The Consumer Colure Hair Care Ranges promise ‘COLURE uses only vegan, organic, plant based and or naturally derived ingredients in all our products. We never test on animals or use any animal derived ingredients in our products. All our packaging is 100% recyclable.’

Davids Message for everyone impacted by the CoronaVirus‘Our awesome industry is strong and resilient. We may struggle for a while, yet we will all bounce back better than before. I believe in miracles and the kindness of humanity.’

Colure Hair Care


David can be contacted via David Paris Hair

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