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Rent A Chair Hairdressing – What You Need to Know?

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Rent A Chair Hairdressing – What You Need to Know?

Starting a salon may seem a good idea however it is a very competitive marketplace where reputation and repeat clients are key.  If you are a great hairdresser, with a good work ethic and business sense it can be very lucrative and a great way to earn money. Like most businesses, there is a lot of commitment and hard work that goes into building up a clientele base and they hours are not just limited to what you do in the salon. Running a salon comes with so many responsibilities and in n addition to employing hairstylists, you need furniture and equipment to set up your business, a premises in a good location fitted out just right.

A limited budget can hold you back or perhaps you do not want the added responsibilities of being a salon owner. In such a situation, you can rent a chair for hairdressing and still make good money without the other headaches. However, exercising diligence is imperative when renting a chair at a salon.

Make sure the salon’s location aligns with your target clientele, assess the terms of your chair rental agreement, and ensure that the salon is well-equipped with the necessary furniture and equipment, including a comfortable office chair for any administrative tasks you may have to handle while working in the salon. This arrangement can provide a balance between autonomy and support, enabling you to concentrate on what you do best – creating stunning hairstyles for your clients.

Things to know when you rent a chair for hairdressing

Renting a hairdressing chair seems an ideal solution for freelance stylists and salon owners alike. You may take your hairdressing career to the next level by renting a small space without investing too much but still getting the benefits. However, it’s important that you know what the boundaries are before starting out. If you don’t forward plan what you want and are offering, you may finish up in some kind of dilemma. As a smart professional, you want to avoid possible issues that may come along. So, follow the below advice when renting a hairdressing chair.

Be sure about your expenses

Hairdressing should be a relaxed field as you work with other hairdressers in close proximity. However, this point may work against you if you are not willing to agree to common terms verbally and in writing.  Put everything you want or the salon owner requires into a legally-binding agreement.  Nicole Hudson has rent-a-chair agreement ready to go.   Failing to make an agreement could be a recipe for disaster. As well as losing trust and money, you may lose a a possible career-long professional relationship as well as harming your existing clientele. Also, before signing a contract, discuss what the agreement covers. Some salon owners don’t include phone, Internet, and electricity expenses in the agreement – Nicole’s does.

You, as a rent a chair freelancer, may be bombarded with a huge bill by the end of the month if you do not check these points and clarify whether you’ll be accountable and for what. Also, buy your own public liability insurance to make provisions if there is an unfortunate accident that is your fault.  The salon’s insurance MAY cover it but you are better to be safe than sorry and end up in expensive litigation.

Set out what days the chair will be available for you.

What about walk-in clients?

As a rent a chair freelancer, you’ve a responsibility toward your own clientele and establishing or growing it. The salon owner may have multiple chairs and his or her own clients. You can’t count on those clients. Rather, you are to build your own client base. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t tap on walk-in clients. Be sure about the situation on walk-ins.  Seek clarification from the salon owner whether they’ll let you service walk-in clients. If the salon has a paid staff, they’ll have first access to walk-in clients and you may get the leftovers. Then certain salons may not permit you to talk to walk-in clients at all.  Have a business card and share your contact number with potential clients. That way, you can win clients even if they walk-in straight to the salon. Plus, it’ll avoid any possible dispute due to misunderstandings about walk-ins.

Nicole Hudson’s salon is often fully booked and has to turn clientele away or ask them to come back at a later date.  She also does not cut or style hair in the salon on Tuesday, Saturday or Sunday.  On those days walk-ins will be available for any person that rents-a-chair in her salon.

Product and equipment

Since you share the space with the salon owner, be clear about the products used for hairdressing. Who’ll provide the products and the equipment you use? Most salons have their preferred suppliers for hairdressing products. As a rent a chair freelancer, you may be expected to stick to those products. If this is the case, you’ll have to pay for products.  Find out the charges and what discounts apply.   In addition to avoiding confusion, agreed terms will avert embarrassment for both parties. Other salons may ask you to use your own products. In such a scenario, you should take the products with you at the end of each day.

In case you’re compelled to try a new product, spend some time finding out more about the product. Don’t try it on your clients right away. If the product leaves any ill effects, you could lose clients. Even worse, your clients may sue you for injuries or damages as the case may be. So, be clear on product purchases and the usage thereon to avoid potential issues.

Pay attention to your entitlements

When you work as a freelancer, you are basically a contractor and there are no benefits like sick or annual leave.  You need to set aside some funds for time off or unexpected expenses. When you work as an employee, you get annual leave, sick leave, and other monetary benefits. In case something goes wrong with your health or life, your employer covers you up to a certain extent.  As a rent a chair owner or freelancer, you’re responsible for your annual leave or sick leave. There might be days or weeks when you may remain absent from your work for one or the other reason. Be prepared for such circumstances. Save for those expenses. Not just that, you’ll be accountable for the chair rent during your absenteeism from the salon unless it has been set out in the agreement.

So, discuss these possible situations with the salon owner and clarify. Find out how those expenses will affect you. If discussed beforehand, the salon owner may, at least, waive the electricity bill and rent during your absence. That should work in your favor. Add that to the terms in the agreement.

Check the atmosphere at the salon

Being a rent a chair owner isn’t only about finances. You ought to be in a comfortable working environment – a place that’s comfy for you and your clients. The salon owner may agree on your terms, but you won’t earn much if the place isn’t comfortable for you and your clients.   Find out the atmosphere at the salon. Are other hairstylists welcoming and friendly? Is the salon clean and well-maintained? All such considerations play a key role in renting a chair. Cross-check your expectations on all points, and this includes the opening hours, late-night work hours, and other aspects. Your little bit of investigation will avoid potential issues and streamline your hairdressing activities.


Nicole Hudson Hair and Beauty Salon is a respected business with a great reputation in the community.  Her website and blog are highly ranked on the internet and on google she is number 1 on various searches.  Her social network and following is huge.  Any rent a chair hairdresser will be added to Nicole Hudson Team page with a bio and will be offered an individual website tailored to the applicants experience and interests.  Get noticed and improve your hairdressing reputation fast.



Opening a hairdressing venture involves substantial money and warrants immense commitment. You may resolve both problems by being a rent a chair owner or freelancer. Just be sure you work out your terms (mentioned above) with the salon owner before renting a hairdressing chair. If all goes well, you can make a lucrative venture in return for a nominal investment.  Check out Nicole Hudsons rent-a-chair ad on Gumtree.   Ask Nicole for a copy of her contract by sending an inquiry through the contact us page.

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