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Advantages of renting a chair – Hairdressing

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Advantages of renting a chair – Hairdressing

Many hairdressers choose to work on a freelance basis, and one of the most popular ways of doing this is through entering into a rent-a-chair agreement with a salon. Under one of these agreements, you are not an employee of the salon. Instead, you are an independent contractor, working from the salon. The salon will give you one of their chairs to work from, but your clients will be your own. Some salons will have the responsibility of bringing in the clients but in some salons, the responsibility will be yours. You may need to provide your own equipment.

Usually, the hairdresser will rent a chair from the salon. The freelancer rent a chair agreement can work in three different ways:

1) Pay a set fee for rent every month

2) Pay the salon a percentage of your commission

3) Pay for the chair as and when you need it

Or A combination of the other three options

It is a good idea to think about which payment option would work best for you when you are doing your research into salons. There are pros and cons to each of them, depending on the future you see for your business.

There is a reason why this rent-a-chair option is so popular, and that is because there are several advantages:

1) Freedom with your hours. You are a freelancer, which means that you are running your own business. This gives you the freedom to choose your hours and how you work. Some salons may have restrictions on the hours you can work, so it’s worth looking out for this.

2) Growth. You are free to grow your business as you please. You are not constrained by the employee structure within the salon. You are the boss and your business and client list can grow as big as you want it to.

3) Structure. Compared to taking your business on the road and seeing clients in their own homes, working from a salon will provide you with structure. Your day will start with the opening hours of the salon, there will be lunchtime and closing time. This can be essential to making sure that you are as productive as possible, and in making sure that you don’t burn out.

4) Lowering costs. Because you won’t be traveling between appointments, your travel costs will be lower.

5) Colleagues. In many salons, you won’t be working on your own. You will be working in the same salon as other people, and this will provide you with social contact and support. You might even make some good friends!

6) Efficiency. You won’t have lost time between appointments because of traveling. This will allow you to be more efficient with your time and to fit more clients into your day.

7) Experience. You will have more responsibility for your business. You can build a client list, track your finances, and you could even branch into marketing. This is all valuable experience, especially as your business grows!

8) Freedom with your style. You can create the salon culture that you want. Your area may be small, but your chair is your own, and you can create the culture and style that you want.

9) Client relationship. Because your clients are your own, you can forge some really strong relationships with them. Not only will this ensure that your clients keep coming back, but it will mean that you can get to know them and what they want. This will mean that your clients will leave happy, and you will be happy knowing that you’ve given them a great experience.

10) Product choice. If you are not constrained by the products that the salon wants to use. If you find products that work well for your clients, you can use them. This will allow your style to shine through your work.

Renting a chair in a salon can be a rewarding choice. It can allow you to grow your business in whichever way you want, and it really will be your business! Of course, it is important to make sure you do your research before deciding on this option. But if it is right for you, it could be the start of the best phase of your hairdressing career.

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