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10 Worst Hair Care Mistakes

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10 Worst Hair Care Mistakes

We all want to have our hair shiny and as healthy and beautiful as possible. This is not achieved with luck or genetics; as time passes, we lose the beauty of our hair. Perhaps it does not look as healthy as it did in our childhood. Maybe right now, he is opaque, weak, and somewhat mistreated. To have beautiful and healthy hair again, you have to give it the specific care it deserves, not to mention that every day we make mistakes when it comes to taking care of our hair just because we think that we are even doing it well, sometimes we did not even know that we are damaging it. that’s why, here we leave you the ten best common mistakes when it comes to taking in hair care

1.Use too many products at the same time:

Suppose you are one of those who uses many products simultaneously, such as shampoo, hydrating mask, oils, and serums on the same day. Stop Please! Using all the products at the same time will make your cells collapse, and your hair will be affected and dull instead of benefiting. Always use the best products and apply the effects on different days to not saturate the hair. Be smart and take advantage of the benefits of each product by using them in the right way.

2.Using too many chemicals products :

The desire to change your look and get the best version of us may take several attempts. In this process, we tend to forget that the hair has a degree of acceptance to this type of chemical product, and when it is exceeded, it tends to split and look abused. In the end, we end up with damaged and unrecoverable hair, whose only solution is to cut the damage. So be careful.


If you suffer from this disease, keep in mind that you should not touch your hair until you use a thermal instrument such as a hairdryer. When the hair returns to its temperature, you can apply serum to seal it and avoid frizz. This is the proper way to treat hair that suffers from frizz.

4. Using The Same shampoo

Caring for your hair with the same shampoo for a long time makes your hair get used to its formula without providing benefits. Seek to alternate from time to time with another type of shampoo so you will always notice the help of the products

5. 2 in 1 Product

This is a mistake made many times to save money. This type of product is a good option for a trip, but not for daily use since products of this type do not give the same results as when you use them separately.

6. Wet hair for a long time:

All excess product must be removed, but without overdoing it. Remember that water dries out your hair, and if you get it too wet, you can damage it and cause your scalp to itch.

7. Misuse of the dryer

Try when you use the hairdryer before using it, dry it well with the towel, then use the dryer from the root of the hair to the ends. In the beginning, you can use a medium temperature. While it dries, the ideal is to lower the temperature until reaching the minimum, to the point of only using cold air.

8 . Comb hair when wet

When hair is wet, is more likely to break. Always try to brush it when it dries. A trick is to detangle it before washing your hair, and if your hair tangles easily, the idea is to do it while you wash it with the moisturizing mask so that you will avoid it from breaking.

9 . Little care of brushes

This is one thing that people usually don’t care about. Ideally, brushes should be clean to prevent accumulated dirt from getting back onto clean hair. They must also be replaced when the bristles are damaged.

10. Smoothing without brushing

Straightening our hair while combing each strand becomes more tedious and complicated, but this trick is essential as it prevents the hair from breaking and prevents frizz. Use a brush and divide the hair into parts before ironing it.


Nicole Hudson and her team are ready to look after all your hair care needs.

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