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What Does A Top Hair-Stylist Do

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What Does A Top Hair-Stylist Do

What Does A Top Hair-Stylist Do

Being a hair-stylist is not a an easy job. Rapidly changing trends, exacting customers, constantly evolving technology and increasing competition make the job a challenging one. But to to be in the top echelon of this field, a number of things are required. If you are someone who has always known this is what you wanted to be, someone who has always appreciated the huge difference the right hairstyle can make for a person, then you already have one key ingredient of becoming a top hair-stylist; passion. Without this emotion, you will lack the drive and motivation that most often sets apart the trailblazers from the rest of their colleagues. However, passion is just the beginning. Here, we list some of the most important qualities a hair-stylist will need to join the ranks of the elite in their field..

Know Your Craft

Having passion and knowing what looks good on people will not amount to anything if you can’t deliver the look. And to be the best in business, you should have the comprehensive skills to deliver complex, customized styles to your clients. So don’t just learn but master the technical skills of your craft so you can confidently and consistently deliver the highest quality of service.

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Have Clear, Two-Way Communication

Clear communication with the client is key in creating customer satisfaction and loyalty.
First, you need to be a good listener. While this includes listening to them talk about the ups and downs of their lives, it is most important to really listen to them in the initial consultation. A clear picture of what the customer wants brings you one step closer to delivering them the look exactly as they like.
Secondly, once you know what they want, be sure to clearly communicate any suggested modifications and your reasons for them. Equally important is to communicate any extra expenses that may be incurred by said modifications so they do not get an ugly shock at the end of your service. An unexpected hike in the cost is known to be a strong factor in dampening consumer satisfaction and preventing repeat business. Only once you and the client are in agreement on what style and what cost is best should you proceed with your task..

Know The Trend And Learn To Blend

As a hair-stylist, it is important to be aware of all the popular trends at any point in time. Often, a customer will come with a certain trend in mind for themselves and it is important for you to know exactly what they are referring to. Additionally, what sets a top hair-stylist apart is the ability to blend the suggested trend with the personal style of their client, offering a customized service that goes above and beyond the expectation of the customer.

Commit to Continuous Education and Adaptation

As a stylist, be aware that a new look or style can be spotted anywhere; at your local cafe, walking down the street or while shopping. It is therefore essential to keep a lookout and be willing to pick up on and adopt new possibilities on the go. Equally important is continually educating yourself more formally on the new techniques coming out in hair-styling and learning about and investing in technological developments within the hairstyle industry.

Be Unafraid

Fear holds you back. What sets apart those who reach the top from the rest is their willingness to venture out of the familiar. A top hair-stylist will never be satisfied with delivering just the typical, generic fashion trends of the time but will be bold enough to experiment and create new styles, perhaps setting a new trend of their own. To be the elite, you need to be the trend-setter, not just a follower.

Honesty Is The Best Policy

As any top hair-stylist will testify, consumer loyalty is key to their success. This requires a customer to be satisfied with their experience, when it happens and afterwards. Often, a customer may want a look that you, as an expert, know wouldn’t suit them or would perhaps be a look that they wouldn’t wear well in the longer run. It is essential that rather than quietly delivering what they ask for, you communicate in an open, friendly manner the issues the customer can have with the look they desire and suggest modifications. Your honesty will win you the trust of your customer and this will be key in making them a repeat client of yours in the long-term.

Project A Positive And Professional Attitude

Unlike many businesses, hair-styling is a social business in that it requires considerable face-face interaction between the customer and the professional. This means the customer’s experience of the service will be very closely related to how they are treated by you, the hair-stylist. To make theirs a memorable experience in a good way, it is imperative that you project the image of an approachable, professional hair-stylist well-versed in the craft and committed to providing the customer with the best possible service.

Confidence Is Key

This is the trait that needs to be the underlying theme of all the other qualities you need to succeed at the highest level. If you do not have the confidence that you can do something, then there is no way you can achieve it. You need confidence to be honest, to adapt, to communicate, to listen, to make mistakes and learn from them. In short, confidence is one of the founding blocks in your journey to achieving the top ranks in the hairstyle industry.

To be an elite hair-stylist you need a blend of technical and people skills and imbibe certain key qualities. To do so, you need to decide; that you want to be the best in your field, that you want to work hard each day, that you want to learn and grow from your mistakes and turn them into your building blocks for success. If you have the right approach, then developing the right blend of skills and qualities will be something that happens organically for you and attaining success will only be a matter of time.

If you are after an elite hair-stylist who is at the top of her game why not take the time to visit the Nicole Hudson Hair and Beauty Salon in Cronulla.  With over 20 years of experience and internationally trained you are guaranteed to not only get the best service but also the desired result.  A specialist in keratin hair products her hair care products will always leave you with soft and light hair.

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