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Nic’s Tips – 10 Hair Care Mistakes

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Nic’s Tips – 10 Hair Care Mistakes

I bet one of the very first things that people notice about you is your hair. Your hair will not exactly be perfect every single day. No matter what kind of shampoo or hair care routine you adopt, bad hair days are inevitable. You are better off when you come to terms with this hard fact. On the bright side, you can make your best hair days count at every opportunity you get. The solution to the bad hair days can only be found when you get to the root cause. Here are ten hair care mistakes you need to know.


The worst disappointment would be to find out that your shampoo is not everything you thought it would be. The worst part is when you trusted the brand for years on end only for it to end so sadly.  To avoid this, carry out sufficient research first before buying your hair care products. Get to know what’s in them and how they might affect your hair in the long run.


You might think that you’re doing your hair a huge favor, but you’re only destroying it. This could ride on one of two factors; your type of hair or your choice of shampoo.  Either way, cut back on the number of times you wash your hair in a week. Shampooing your hair every single day will only result in a lifeless and unhealthy look.  To be on the safer side, wash it after about three days. This gives your hair a chance to regenerate after being exposed to so much dust and sweat. Solution? Good old shampoo sprays. Use them when it’s not your day to wash your hair.


Another problem that you downplay is not washing your hair as often as you should. You should keep track of your wash records, so you don’t fall back. Leading a busy schedule might cause you to get your priorities wrong.  Come up with a routine that is flexible and works for you. Get a few tips from your trusted hairdresser. After handling your hair for so long, they already know what works best for your hair.  Staying for too long without washing up will make it harder for you when you finally wash it. Things become worse for your hair when this trend goes on longer than it should.


You are probably guilty of this mistake, so here goes. Washing your hair and tying your towel on it upwards in a bid to dry it up. This will only damage your hair and leave you wondering what you did wrong.  The second mistake after this is using the wrong towel to dry your hair. The towels are all the same, right? Wrong. Buy a towel whose fabric will not be too rough on your precious crown of glory.


Using a dryer on your hair is not bad at all. Just be mindful of how much heat goes into your hair and scalp. No hair type can stand so much heat and survive the outcome.  On the contrary, if hair could talk, you wouldn’t hear the last of it. Be moderate whenever you turn the hairdryer on. Your hair is at an even greater risk of getting permanently damaged when the heat is left on for too long.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re running late; you should have started the process earlier. Take your time and adjust the settings to a lower temperature.


This is the time of day when your hair is most sensitive. This is the one reason that should steer you to be more sensitive to your hair’s needs. If you have to wrap a shawl around it at bedtime, do it.  Don’t wrap it too tight because your hair does need breathing space. Don’t forget that your comfort would also be compromised. Do all you can to protect your hair when you go to sleep.


You will not always have your way when it comes to your hair. This doesn’t mean you should rough it up so that it turns out the way you want it to. There are plenty of conventional ways to have it all straightened out.  At this rate, you should expect anything from your hair. Tangles are one of them, and you shouldn’t be too hard on them. Be gentle and undo them as long as it takes.


You may not know it, but your ponytails could make or break your hair. When you tie it too tight or high, that’s when the pressure comes on. I guess now you know why your hairline’s been receding too fast of late.  It only gets worse when you use the wrong holders for your ponytail hairdo. Go for the one that won’t break strands of your hair while you try to take it off. The elastic strand whose fabric won’t get entangled with your hair is the best.


Failure to deep condition your hair will only weaken it and might even fall off. Thanks to genuine hair conditioning products, you won’t have to worry about it. Conditioners play the role of repairing damages that were caused during twisting.  The best part is that it helps prevent any breakage that may occur in the future. Apply it to your hair and scalp, then tie it up (loosely) in a bun, then place a shower cap on.  Let it stay on for about an hour or two and let the restoration begin.


This has got to be the gravest mistake of all. Going out when it’s an oven out there requires you to shield your hair from the sun. The sun’s harmful rays will wear off your hair’s natural oils.  This means your scalp is only going to dry off, leaving it dry and damaged. Your hair will be beyond repair when you make this a trend.


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